LOL I’m in Forbes!

Not exactly the sort of article I envisioned for my maiden appearance… not like I made the Forbes billionaire list or anything.  🙂



3 thoughts on “LOL I’m in Forbes!

  1. ROFL @jonathan, your a trip homie =-) Your brain is toast from all the coding your doing brother, take a nap and dont forget to… take a nap 🙂

    Good stuff brother, cheers!


  2. Jonathan, didn’t know you were a real estate mogul, never mind a closet Segway polo player. Just goes to show you never know what folks are up to. Rock on!

  3. Aaron – yeah I’m toast all right… but lately it’s more because of this damn time change than anything. I hate this time of year, my entire body clock is just hosed and it’s all I can do to even stay awake all day.

    Shelton – operative word there is “were” as in PAST TENSE! LOL Real estate was our (my partner and I) full time business for about 3 years until it completely imploded on us in summer of 2007. Thank goodness I’d been studying affiliate marketing at night all those years, and was able to pour all my attention there and not end up on the street! It was a little dicey but at the end of the day, it worked out. =) As for Segway Polo… that was almost a joke that I never thought would actually be played more than a couple of times. But it’s so darn much fun that we just kept playing and playing and playing…

    I don’t play anymore though, it got too serious and everyone got hyper competitive and I just didn’t enjoy the game anymore.

    Still cool to have been one of the originators of what has now become a bonafide international sport. Wacky!

    If it ever hits the olympics I’m gonna have a seizure. LOL


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