Live From Santa Clara, It’s Saturday Afternoon!

OK I know it’s slightly late notice, but crazy ideas strike when they strike.

I’ve already mentioned that tomorrow, May 15, is my birthday. 37th to be exact. And normally I don’t much care about my birthday… just another day in my book, but this year my other half has insisted that we’re throwing a party and inviting friends over to celebrate.

The weather should be absolutely fantastic, so we expect to spend some time enjoying the back yard, and certainly some time inside playing games (what’s a party without Rock Band these days??)

But here’s the crazy idea part. We had a few friends that really wanted to be here, but couldn’t for various reasons (not the least of which is traveling cross-country in some cases). So it suddenly dawned on me…

Hey this is 2010. Can’t we broadcast the party for anyone to stop by whenever they wish??

Of course the answer is a definite YES WE CAN! Thanks to I’ve decided that I’m going to set a camera up in the game room, where I expect most of the action will be happening, and broadcast as long as there’s anything going on.

So this means our friends, acquaintances, heck total strangers even, can stop in on the festivities any time.

Now don’t expect anything too wild, in fact this is such a tame gathering that kids are even welcome. But still if you’d like to look in on my birthday party and see what’s going on and say hello, we’d love for you to drop in!

Just head over to this link between 3pm and 7pm Pacific. That should do the trick… or if the miracle that is object embedding works, you will see it right here:

Stream videos at Ustream

But if you want to be able to chat & all that goodness, head over to the Ustream feed instead.

Looking forward to it!


This is a first for me, I’ve never broadcast anything online before so it’s a total experiment… but stop on by if you get the chance!

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