KWBot Revealed – PPCFormula 2 Bonus

Just in case you are thinking of buying PPCFormula 2 and haven’t seen this already, here is the bonus I’m offering if you purchase through my affiliate link:

I’ve had numerous people tell me this was hands down the best bonus anyone was offering, and it’s put me in the #2 position for sales during this launch (which quite honestly blows my mind!)

Very limited opportunity, I don’t know how long I’ll keep this offer going so if you haven’t bought PPCF2 yet, check out the video and make your choice. 🙂


7 thoughts on “KWBot Revealed – PPCFormula 2 Bonus

  1. hi,
    do you have cpa account? like hydra or clickbooth and icentaclick, i want to but that account. thanks, please replay my mail

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    I bought perperclickformula2.0 through your link..

    Order datil is below…

    Order ID: 144496478
    Date: Thu May 28 10:38:32 -0400 2009
    Payment Type:
    Order Status: Accepted

    Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 Course – 3-Split Payment
    $449.00 X 1 = $449.00
    Product Total $449.00
    Grand Total $449.00

    Name: So Young Formula

    Please advise on how to get your keyword tool


  3. Hi Seng,

    I’ll need to get confirmation from Gauher of the purchase, and then I’ll send you access information. His affiliate system is down right now so I can’t check it myself.

    Sorry for the delay!


  4. Hey Jon,

    Will LPGEN2 have Google IPs built in so it makes cloaking easy?

    Great Webinar btw. Any chance getting this as a bonus if I buy PPCF2.0 through your link? 😀


  5. Hi Andrew, glad you liked the webinar!

    LPGen2 does in fact have IP based cloaking, however keeping up on Google’s IPs is a tricky business, ther are entire paid services dedicated to that task. I don’t plan to attempt to include Google’s IPs with LPG2, but I’ll look into some sort of easy integration with an existing paid service as an option.

    LPGen isn’t a bonus for buying PPCF, BUT you do get it at the lowest price possible if you’re a PPCF member – $350.

    I really want to do a big launch of LPG2 as it’s such a huge step forward, these things just take so much time and I want to get it OUT! 🙂


  6. Thanks for your reply! It’s also really nice to know the price and discount for members. I watched the course with a friend, but I’m still debating whether or not it’s worth to drop the 1200 mostly for forum access (and future updates).

    Good luck on releasing LPG2!

  7. I’m interested in getting a subscription to KWBot. But I had already Purchasec PPC Formula 2 from somewhere else. Would you happen to provide those who didn’t purchase from you access to this tool?

    Thank you

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