Killer new WordPress list building plugin

I gotta say, the guy(s?) behind ProfitsTheme continually impress me. Check out this extremely slick new tool he/they’ve been working on.

I actually had a chance to beta test this, albeit only briefly as I’ve been just a bit busy. Overall, very impressed with this, and my beta version didn’t have a bunch of the features I see are in the final one.

Check out the “Facebook Connect” feature. I’ve actually incorporated this into Easy Prepop already myself, but was saving it as a surprise announcement… but what the hell, seems it’s not such a unique feature after all (though my implementation is… 😉 more on that later!)

Anyway, it’s going to be launching at a 60% discount which will just make it stupidly cheap. If you’ve ever had even the slightest need for a popup plugin for WordPress, then this is the obvious choice as it does SO much more than the other popup plugins I’ve seen or tried.

Oh and as I always say, if this doesn’t directly fit into your near-term plans and money is in ANY way tight – pass on it. Even at a bargain price, it’s not worth anything if you won’t put it into use.


2 thoughts on “Killer new WordPress list building plugin

    • Don’t know about that one, and I kinda doubt they’ll ever run that again. It’s a great product and well forth the full price, but that deal was truly insane. 🙂

      As an affiliate I’m not sure I’d even WANT them to run it again! LOL


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