It’s Time to Retire…

No not me, I personally can’t imagine ever retiring.  But it’s
time for my “baby” to call it quits.

LPGen was my first real product.  It’s had an awesome 3 year
run, and has helped tons of people with their online marketing

But the direction it’s taken now with my personal version, is
so far removed from just being a “landing page generator” that
the name just doesn’t make any sense at all anymore.  It isn’t
representative of what the product has become, and especially
of where it’s going.

And so like the number of a star athlete, it’s time to retire
the LPGen name.

Believe me, I’m still hard at work on my “next generation”
marketing tool.  It’ll have everything LPGen ever did, plus a
whole lot more.  I’m not ready to say anything more specific
about it, but keep your eyes open.

But what would retirement be without a retirement party?

LPGen’s version of a retirement party will be a retirement
special offer!

Since LPGen “came into the world” at $397, it’s going to go
out the same way.

For the rest of January 2011 (less than a week now!) LPGen
will be sold for $397 instead of the normal $597.

In addition, I’m going to hold a live webinar (maybe even a
series if there’s the need) that will get you up to speed both
on the basics of LPGen, but also on exactly how I use it in my

This will be far better than any tutorial videos because it
will be live, and you’ll get to ask questions and get direct
answers from me.

Plus, Gauher Chaudhry ( has agreed to
join me to talk about how he uses LPGen in his business as
well.  Since I first convinced him to try LPGen back in late
2007, his entire CPA marketing business has run on LPGen and
he wouldn’t work without it.

Another bonus of buying LPGen at this hugely discounted
price, is that you’ll then qualify for the absolute best deal
available on my next generation tool, once it’s available.
Existing owners will get an awesome upgrade path, so this is
your chance to lock that in as well.

If you don’t already own LPGen, you have until the end of the
month to grab a copy before it’s pulled off the market.  If
you have LPGen but have not upgraded to LPGen-X, you can still
upgrade for just $100 here:

But once January is gone, LPGen is too.

Secure your copy now before it’s gone forever!

Again this will get you the current LPGen-X software, free
access to the webinar(s), and the best upgrade path to my next
generation tool once it’s available.

To all current and soon-to-be LPGen owners, thank you for
entrusting this part of your business to me, I can’t wait to
give you even better tools in the near future!

Always the Best,


6 thoughts on “It’s Time to Retire…

  1. I am 6 days too late. 8-(

    I didn’t know lpgen was retiring until today. My loss.

    I hope you release the new product soon.

    Hope LPGen has a happy retirement.

  2. Hi Jonathan, in your “next generation” marketing tool (hopefully coming soon), are you going to reveal your iframe slice and dice technique? It’ll be great if you do so 🙂

  3. Hi Nicholas,

    You know, that’s a really good idea. There are several tools on the market that will do this (though maybe not with my personal secret sauce 😉 but having it integrated into a complete system, makes a lot of sense. I’ll definitely add this to the (ever growing) list!


  4. Please please do so, at least to a few selected marketers that will really know how to do this without putting in danger the strategy.

    Please keep us posted, you do great!

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