It’s time for a little heart-to-heart.

When I started my vision was to help provide tools and training for all different aspects of Internet Marketing and the tools that we use daily.  That vision is still intact, it’s just not a primary income generator so isn’t able (for now) to be my top priority.

Early on I did some basic training videos on using Excel and other tools and people loved them.  I’ve done some webinars with top experts in their fields, and I’ve created tools to help my business and have allowed other people to use them too (LPGen/KWBot).  I’ve also told you about some other tools or systems that might help you.

I plan on providing more trainings, tools, and tips on the blog but as most people already know, there’s only some much time to do all this and there’s only so much knowledge that one person can provide.

On my support desk some of the most common questions aren’t even about how to use my tools, but about general subjects such as PPC marketing, list building, SEO, and other Internet Marketing topics.

While we do our best to answer some of the questions anyway, we aren’t set up to provide this training via the desk.   The good thing is that there are experts out there on the net that have the ability to do this in all the detail you could ever want!

There are free blogs all over the place with good info, and there are experts who already provide the training that many people are looking for. But with all different things out there, no one has time to find it all.

That’s why I’ll be highlighting some of the information we get here on the blog.

Some will be free tips, some will be links to other sites with good information, some are “pre-launch” freebies, where you have to provide your email address to get access, and some might be tools or systems that require a purchase.

I’m writing this because I don’t want to you think that I’m only doing this to get you to buy something.  No one needs everything that is being offered whether it’s free or not! I plan on letting you know about things that might help you in your Internet Marketing business, but ultimately it’s your decision as to whether or not the products are truly necessary for your business.

There’s no need to buy or even read about a chainsaw if you never intend to cut down a tree.

I’ll put it on the blog as that’s really the only way to reach all of the people who are interested in this stuff.

I’ll tell you as much as I can and share my opinion, and then you decide if it’s worth your time to check out.

Thank you as always for following what I do, and I love getting your comments on the blog (even if I can’t always stay on top of replying to them!)

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