It’s past midnight, why am I not in bed??

This is crazy. It’s well past midnight, and I still have to take out the trash for collection in the morning.

Why on earth am I still up???

It’s entirely my own fault. I got sucked into some training videos. I was just going to take a quick peek. A few minutes, tops.

But not this time… I’m sucked in, and I think you might be too. So I guess I had better explain myself. I absolutely had no idea I was going to be posting this tonight. I had no intention of doing so, I was just curious more than anything… but now I’m excited.

Let’s go back in time a bit shall we? Do you remember all the completely outrageous hype that surrounded the “Google Cash Detective” a couple years ago? I think it was about 2 years ago… I can barely remember now.

Anyway, it was hyped up as the hottest thing since sliced bread. It would make you a bazillionaire overnight. It would make your bed. Cook you breakfast. Clean up after the dog. You get the idea.

And I gotta say, I was very intrigued. The concept seriously appealed to my analytical nature. I mean – think about it… what if you could actually download every adwords ad, for millions of keywords, every day, for a long time. Holy cow, you’d know exactly what made money, instantly!! The Holy Grail of online marketing finally realized!

Unfortunately at the time, I was seriously strapped for cash, and it was not cheap… I just couldn’t swing it. Months later some cheap imitators came along and I bought one of them… and hated it. Returned it after 30 days and decided that “spy tools” were a total load of crap. I still feel they are fundamentally flawed and won’t make anyone rich overnight.

HOWEVER… I still think the basic idea makes sense:

* Gather intelligence.

* Analyze the data.

* Make decisions.

* Act.

In my book, that’s a winning formula.

So what’s the point? The point is… there’s now a Google Cash Detective 2 and this time I got in (thanks for the heads up Mike!!). Like I said it was really just curiosity… I didn’t expect to be particularly blown away. Sure it would probably be pretty interesting, but… I’m pretty jaded about the latest PPC fads at this point.

And then I watched one of the videos. And then another. And another. And…

And now I’m wide awake and it’s 12:28AM and I still have to take out the garbage!!!!

I’m a big advocate of staying focused, of not getting distracted, of not chasing every “shiny object” that comes along.

But I have to admit, this one is really, REALLY shiny. I think I’m going to have to take a bit of a detour and implement it. They have come a LONG way since the original, where I heard a ton of horror stories about it not working, crashing, not delivering, etc. etc. etc.

All I see now is one highly evolved, smooth, absolute monster of an intelligence weapon. I only personally know one tool that might rival this, and it’s not public.

However GCD2 is once again NOT an inexpensive product. This is absolutely not for the beginner on a limited budget. But if you have the pockets for something like this, or are already a seasoned marketer… you’re gonna want to see this. Like, NOW.

Check it out and let me know what you think… I will definitely write more once I’ve deployed some campaigns and have some personal results to share.

Damn, why did it have to be so shiny???


6 thoughts on “It’s past midnight, why am I not in bed??

  1. I’ve heard several numbers but they have not come direct from Chris, so I’m holding off until I hear the for sure real number. But I suspect it’s going to be a fairly steep entry fee… we shall see.


  2. Hey Jonathan,

    I’m a GCD member but just have some concerns with it still. It’s pretty good at research but is it worth the price? What’s your opinion on this product and are there better ones for cheaper? mayber you’ll make something that rivals this? haha! Hope to hear from ya!


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