It’s April First, But I’m Not Foolin’!

April first, AKA April Fool’s Day. A day with a varied and
fascinating history:

Often, this is a day of pranks that in my experience can often
go way too far, and be downright cruel.

But it’s not always that way. Google does a great prank of
some sort every April 1, they’re always good for a laugh!
(Make sure you look for today’s!)

But for me, I’m not the prankster sort. I can appreciate
certain levels of prankery (is that a word??) but in general
I’m more a pun kinda guy.

Today, I do indeed have something to say but I assure you it’s
no joke. I was inspired to do this by an instant messenger
conversation I had recently with a fellow named Dave.

I got to meet Dave a while back in Toronto at an event I was
attending, and a group of us got together and talked about all
sorts of interesting things. We kicked ideas around, shared
testing results and even some secrets. We talked about Prepop
too and I shared a bunch of my results using it.

That was the last time I heard from Dave… or so I thought.
Then the other day my IM client said I had a message from him,
asking for some help with a problem he was having. I
immediately replied, and then noticed that the date on his
message was from eight months ago!


Turns out he had tried to contact me last year but for some
reason the message only got to me now. Very weird. But we
had a nice chat anyway and what he told me blew me away.
Here’s the meat of the conversation:

[3/22/2010 8:48:21 PM] Dave: Hey Johnathan, great to hear from
you! Even if it is 8 months later 😉
[3/22/2010 8:50:19 PM] Dave: I think I had a question for you
about tracking kw’s with the pre-pop method……..have it all
worked out. But THANK YOU!!!! I totally killed it with your
method in Oct, Nov, Dec
[3/23/2010 10:54:56 AM] jvc: Glad to hear you sorted it
though, and that’s great the it worked so well for you!
Congrats! 🙂 I always love hearing that people actually used
my info!
[3/23/2010 10:55:55 AM] Dave: Thank you soooo much for the pre
pop method!!!
[3/23/2010 10:56:17 AM] Dave: talking with you in Toronto last
year was huge!
[3/23/2010 10:56:33 AM] jvc: 😀 that’s great man!!!
[3/23/2010 10:56:52 AM ] jvc: Did you put any spin on it or just
use it exactly as I outlined?
[3/23/2010 10:57:11 AM] Dave: pretty much as you showed
[3/23/2010 10:58:09 AM] Dave: have build a huge list that
produces free money!!!
[3/23/2010 10:58:15 AM] Dave: love that part
[3/23/2010 11:00:25 AM] jvc: were you using email submits on
the front end? Or just built the list to use yourself?
[3/23/2010 11:00:46 AM] Dave: submits on the front end
[3/23/2010 11:00:58 AM] Dave: the list was gravey from there
[3/23/2010 11:01:21 AM] Dave: now I’m focusing more on
building the list
[3/23/2010 11:03:28 AM] Dave: I killed it on Nov and Dec over
[3/23/2010 11:03:39 AM] jvc: holy crap man… nice!
[3/23/2010 11:03:45 AM] jvc: What sort of profit margins?
[3/23/2010 11:04:06 AM] Dave: 30-50%
[3/23/2010 11:04:25 AM] Dave: it was a good Christmas!

In case you skimmed and missed it, I want to repeat one line:

Dave: I killed it on Nov and Dec over $150,000

He generated over $150,000 in revenue over just 3 months using
my Prepop method exactly as I outlined!

Freaking. Awesome.

I’ve had a lot of great success stories from people about my
Prepop method, but this one definitely tips the scales. A lot
of people would take a few YEARS to generate that kind of
revenue online, and he did it in 3 months.

So first, Dave if you’re reading this… hats off to you my
friend, you ROCK!

Second, notice that he did this just a few months ago. Prepop
as a technique is still working as well as ever, and frankly
there’s no reason it should ever not work because it’s simply
about human nature.

Third, have you seen my Prepop Power Profits report?

If you haven’t, why not??

Well, possibly because it was only available through Gauher
Chaudhry’s viral product launch last year. You had to refer I
think 3 people to get my report. Thousands of people did so,
and tens of thousands didn’t.

I’ve decided that everyone should have a chance to read this
simple 14 page report. It’s changed some lives without a
doubt, maybe it can change yours too!

Even if you’ve already gotten the report, you probably still
want to pay attention to the rest of this message.

I’m making the report available at no cost to anyone who wants
it, but of course there’s a slight catch (as well as a great

This is a little “viral experiment”. I thought about relating
it to the fact that I had a nasty cold last week, but I
thought that was kinda gross.

You can get Prepop Power Profits for free, just by signing up
at my viral site. And that’s just the beginning.

You’ll be given a unique referral link and when you refer just
3 people who signup through that link, I’ll give you access to
another secret video that few people know about, called
Demographic Domination.

I’ve actually been selling this to a small audience for a few
months, for $20.00. But for you it’s free if you refer 3

Refer 50 people, and you’ll get to use my private keyword
tool, KWBot, and I’ll give you 100 credits worth $100.00.

And if you can manage to refer 300 people, I’ll give you a
free full lifetime license, to LPGen-X worth $597.00!

Now there’s no excuse for you to not be implementing Prepop,
and really if you can’t refer 3 people to get the Demographic
Domination video, then maybe you should forget about being a
marketer anyway. 😉

There you have it… your April Fools Day Present. Maybe I’ll
start a new trend. Presents in April! Woohoo!

Go sign yourself up at right now and
download the Prepop Power Profits report instantly. Then
start referring so you can get Demographc Domination for free
also! Put them both to use and then let me know about your

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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