Is Epic the Next COPEAC? Non-Payment Stories Grow.

Wow… just saw this and was a bit shocked:

According to affiliates and various insider forums, Epic Media Group’s Affiliate Division, formerly known as Azoogle, has not been paying their bills to affiliate publishers. The rumors of theseissues have been popping up since last summer, with some affiliates on message boards pointing out that in their opinions that there has been excuse after excuse on why they haven’t been paid. As one of the top networks in the industry, any financial problems that they are facing, could be a bad sign for the industry as a whole and have a significant impact on the financial stability of companies that depend on their payments.

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I personally never did a lot with azoogle even “back in the day” as the big stuff was ringtones and rebills and I couldn’t stand promoting either. But I certainly knew a lot of people who did a lot of business with them and they seemed like one of the bigger, better, more reliable companies out there. Definitely sounds like things have changed. What a shame, and what does that portend for CPA marketing in a broader sense, I can’t help but wonder?


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