Interview with StatsJunky Partner

I’ve been talking quite a bit in the last few months with StatsJunky partner Billy, about their software, where it’s headed, features I want to see added, LPGen integration, and much more.  I grabbed him for a quick interview the other day, so if you’re not too familiar with SJ or want to hear about some of the awesome things they have coming soon, check it out!


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15 thoughts on “Interview with StatsJunky Partner

  1. Hi J,

    Wish the video was bigger than 2″ x 2″, but great info via audio.

    When do you release the LPGEN 2 Jonathan to those that have the 2nd best LPGEN 1.x???


  2. Hi.

    I’m a big Statsjunky fan as well. It’s a great tool! As soon as they have the mac version, it will get my 5 star rating. Currently the only downside for me is the windows only.

    By the way Jonathan, how did you create the video with the link in it?


  3. Hi Jonathan. Thanks for that tip for the statsjunky sale. I got a copy and cant wait to install it and star using it properly. The relief I felt when I noticed it was just $297 was visible. Better start building those campaigns now!


  4. While very promising and all encompassing, Statsjunky is still quite buggy. I always have problems with my Facebook stats, and a few other networks, and their support is kind of slow. But I know that they are facing a daunting task to make it work flawlessly. As for now, I still can’t trust it to give me the fully promised benefits, i.e., I still have to log on to most of the networks and download the stats etc. In my opinion, Statsjunky is not quite there yet.

    What’s your personal experience ACTUALLY using it on a daily basis?

  5. Hi, Yesterday I bought StatsJunky. It seems that there are two versions of it because the version I have seems to handle PPC tarffic only. Now it`s said that there is only one version. Ok, from video interview above with Billy from Statsjunky and on a question from Jonathan if this is for PPC users only , he said it was not. But how to track an affiliate link no matter how I am promoting it and get traffic on that particulare link? The thing here is that I`m not using PPC. In what way can I track this link ?
    And how to set it up with StasJunky?


  6. Will – I messed around for ages with the settings to try and get it bigger… the raw file is MUCH larger but for some reason it just wouldn’t come out right at a larger size, and every attempt took hours to render and upload so I got fed up. I’ll keep this in mind for the future though and see about posting larger videos, or maybe just link to a page with the larger video on it. I’ll figure out something.

    Dan – The hotlink in the video is a cool feature of Flash movies. Camtasia allows you to specify a “hotspot” that is clickable, so I made my callout (the text of the link) a hotspot, linked it to the correct place, and made it blue and underlined so it looked like a link and people would know to click on it. 🙂

    Jan – I agree with you SJ isn’t quite there yet, but I believe they’ll be the first to get there, and I’m along for the ride. Right this moment I am NOT using it as my primary stats tool, I’m just playing with it and keeping a very close eye on their development. Since for now my only paid traffic consists of sources other than PPC, I can’t use its campaign/keyword tracking functions at all, and that’s the MAIN thing I need. But like I said, I believe they’ll get there first and I’ve stopped funneling any money into development on my own stats system because I think in the end, SJ will do it better and cost a whole lot less.

    Uri – There’s no limitations as far as I know with this offer. You get the full version with all rights & privileges thereof. 🙂

    Ola – I’m not aware of there being more than one version of SJ. They only handle PPC as far as campaign & keyword tracking for now (but tons more sources for raw stats), which is why I can’t use it as my primary system. But I know they’re working on tracking non-PPC traffic right now, and I’ve been talking to Billy quite a bit about how this needs to be done to get it right. I think it’s going to be phenomenal once it’s complete, and with the amount of development money I know they’re pouring into it, it had better be!

    Incidentally everyone, I’m certain SJ is going to HAVE to go to some sort of monthly fee model after this promo is over. I know this sort of system has a ton of ongoing development in order to keep it working with all the networks properly, and there’s no way they will survive as a company if they just get a one-time-fee. I don’t know what exactly they’ll end up doing, but I don’t think there’s any chance it’ll be one-time again like it is now. If you think you’ll ever want to be a SJ user, this is really the time to jump in.


  7. Fantastic product!!!
    Would you be interviewing more of the Statsjunky experts? This is an amazing tool I would love to see how to integrate Statjunky with LPGen 2. Maybe do a seminar where people can see how both work together? Ste by step please Jonathan 🙂

    Best luck for LPGen 2 and the Statsjunky team!!

  8. Hi Jonathan,

    I’m new to PPC but can really see the value of StatsJunky.

    I noticed, in the interview video, that you have to enter the value of a conversion in order to calculate “Profit”. What happens if you sell a product where the conversion value changes; for example, when you have a product with one or more OTOs?



  9. Hi Jonathan, another thought on StatsJunky:

    Can StatsJunky display a graphical representation of your historical stats, showing how your stats change over time?

    Thanks again,

  10. Jonathan,

    We don’t do any search marketing using Adwords, Yahoo, MSN or anyone else, but we DO alot of marketing based on cost per click. Do I hear you correctly that SJ is no yet ready for campaigns outside of Adwords, Yahoo, and MSN?

    That doesn’t make much sense to me given the vast number of traffic methods outside of search. Can you explain a bit more if, and how, SJ can be used outside of search (e.g. banner advertising, whether CPC or CPM)?


  11. Hi Jim,

    SJ works in two ways – basic stats reporting of expenses and incomes, and actual detail reporting of campaigns, keywords, ROI, and all NET numbers.

    The detail tracking portion right now is limited to the big 3 PPC engines only. It can do simple dashboard stats downloading of a TON of networks, but the detail is PPC.

    For CPM or other types of advertising, as long as your traffic source is supported, then you could see at a glance your overall numbers for that network. Useful to get an idea of “I spent $xxxx here and earned $yyyy there” but it won’t tell you which campaign did what. That’s what I’m on them about adding – lots more networks to the detail tracking aspect… I want support for my PPV networks like NOW! 🙂


  12. Hey Jonathan – Great SJ news!

    I just found out that a Mac version is under development with a 90 day build-out target! No question – SJ is a great co that recognizes a trend – many marketers are dropping wincrap and the inherent hassles.

    Please bring this up on the webinar.

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