If you’re expecting my PPVFormula bonuses…

Just to let you know how this works.  I have no direct record personally, of who bought what through my PPVF link.  I have to get that information from Gauher, and needless to say he’s a tiny bit backed up right now!  🙂

But rest assured, I will start sending out bonus access info just as quickly as I can, I expect the first to start going out tonight, I’m bugging Gauher now to send me a list of people.

Thanks for your patience everyone, and welcome to PPVFormula!


One thought on “If you’re expecting my PPVFormula bonuses…

  1. Hi I looked Forward to checking out the product
    But I was to late I drive a truck for a living and There was no way I could take off I got home at 1100 west coast time and was to late

    All right I guess I will move on to something else very upset about this but Ill find something else to do Yall Take care James

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