I love the smell of technology in the morning!

Oh this is just soooooo cool.

I’ve been looking for a while now, for a way to display elements of a page IN SYNC with a video.

It’s easy to just do a javascript delay that causes something to appear X seconds after the page loads.

But I want to actually show stuff ONLY when the video hits a certain point, not just after an arbitrary length of time.

Imagine the possibilities of showing people purchase options ONLY once you’ve communicated your message fully!  Or the potential for e-learning, to display quiz questions only at the right point in a training video.

LOTS of awesome potential for this type of technology.

Problem is, it’s not easy!  I’ve been hunting for an easy way to do this for a while and although I finally found one (Thanks to my man Herschy!), it’s pretty simple and doesn’t have much in the way of bells or whistles.

So, enter another online associate (I hate how Facebook has forever destroyed the meaning of the word “friend”!) Troy, from TroyNotes.com. The dude is a serious technology wizard and has, naturally, come up with a wicked solution to this idea.

And lucky for a few folks, he wants guinea pigs to test it out!

Can you say “SQUEAK”?!!

If you’d like to help Troy test out this new technology, head on over to:


He’s only looking for “A Few Good (Wo)Men” so if that describes you, run don’t walk.  I know I sure did!

Lookign forward to hearing what sort of results we all see from this!


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