I know why this hasn’t been done before.

I released the original LPGen software almost 4 years ago.  And since that time I’ve been asked if there would be a WordPress version.

I always said no, largely because I wasn’t up on WP development techniques enough to want to tackle it.

This small amount of trying I did do, made it clear that this was just not gonna happen.  Wordpress seriously does not want you monkeying around with its URL rewriting, and since LPGen is SO heavily rewrite dependent, I gave up.

Well a few weeks ago I had a flash of inspiration (blame Jason Katzenback!  LOL) and went into overdrive, tearing LPGen apart and rebuilding it in WordPress’ image.

And now I know… I mean REALLY KNOW… why apparently nobody had done this already.


There are so many possible scenarios and ways things can be set up with permalinks and plugins and more… that I almost – ALMOST – wish I hadn’t had this bright idea.

But, too late… it’s extremely close to being done, after 9 formal beta revisions and a lot more “internal” versions of my own.

And if I do say so myself… it’s pretty damn awesome.

Plus it opens up a huge number of possibilities to add to the mix, since WP already can do so much without having to code from scratch.

So anyway, just wanted to throw this out there… LPGen for WordPress (WPGen?) is coming – SOON!


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