I knew this day would come!

I was just {{Googling|hunting on Google|searching with Google|searching|hunting|doing a Google search}} for {{details|more info|more details|further information|information}} on SOPA/PIPA {{as|since|because}} I {{was told|had heard|heard}} that it {{was|had been}} {{quite quickly|immediately|very rapidly|very quickly}} {{tossed out|tabled|canned|dismissed|thrown out}}.  The {{search results|results|page}} {{that was returned|I got|that I got|that was delivered}} {{surprised me|took me by surprise|caught me off guard}}, {{despite the fact that|even though|despite that}} I had said this was going to be happening not long ago:


Yep – personalized search results are here!

I’m {{somewhat unclear|not totally sure|not quite clear|not entirely clear}} how they work or {{what results|which ones|which results}} are personal {{and which are not|and which aren’t|vs. not}}.  {{It also appears to be|It’s also|It seems to be|From what I’m seeing, it’s}} only for {{some|a subset of|certain}} keywords {{for the moment|for now|so far}}.  Searches for “SOPA”, “PIPA”, “dogs”, and “cats” {{all got|were all greeted with|all returned}} personalized results, but a search for “dog food” was not.

{{I’m guessing that|I imagine|My guess is}} Google will be rolling this out more and more {{as time passes|this year|throughout 2012|over time}} until ALL searches {{get|are|become}} “personalized”.  Care to share {{your|any}} thoughts on how this is going to {{change|impact|effect}} the SEO {{world|game|industry}}?  Comments below!


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