How To Make Money On Twitter?

While my status as a huge twit is arguable, I’m definitely not a huge Twitter-er. I use it from time to time to search for stuff ( and occasionally when I’m bored I tweet random things.

But frankly I’ve not really seen it as a straight forward money making machine, despite there being countless products for sale all swearing they’ll tell you the secrets to making fortunes on Twitter.

Quite often they seem to operate under the assumption that zillions of followers = zillions of dollars. Which is simply not true in and of itself. Getting a million followers and spamming them endlessly with your ads is not a terribly viable long term strategy, in my opinion.

But a couple weeks ago, one of my customers and reader of my Prepop Report, responded to an email I sent to my list, where I mentioned that I hadn’t really done very well at converting freebie seekers into conversions in my attempts at email affiliate marketing.

The short version of the conversation is that he’s developed a system to make money using Twitter.

Now automatically when I hear that, my eyes start to roll back in my head and my ears begin to tune out and my brain says “next!” and I’m ready to move on. But since this guy was already one of my customers and had actually implemented my Prepop techniques into his own product, he was clearly a notch or two smarter than most. 😉

So, I listened to what he had to say. And frankly, I was impressed.

He’s actually built an entire automated back end system that makes money on Twitter NOT by building a gazillion followers and spamming them to death, but by letting people find HIM since he provides relevant content to exactly whatever they are looking for.

Now, using Twitter’s search function to get people to find your affiliate offers is also not a new concept.

But the way he’s done it, combined with the complete automated back end he’s built, made me take note.

So this is about the point where you expect me to say you should rush out and buy his eBook right? Well, not gonna happen. For two main reasons:

1) There is no eBook, it’s not an info product, it’s a complete do-it-for-you automated platform (oh and yes it does come with information step-by-step on what you need to do, to get it working for you. This does require work. Once. After that it’s auto pilot).

2) It’s not for sale. IT’S FREE.

In case you missed #2, here it is again:


And no it’s not just a ploy to get you to a One Time Offer page where he makes his money off of you, etc. etc.

I won’t spoil the entire model for you here but once you see inside, I think you’ll agree that it’s really pretty brilliant, even if all you do is follow his steps to make your little “ATM Machines” and don’t look any deeper.

I signed up and checked it out and while I haven’t had time to deploy it due to some personal issues right now, I think this is a really ingenious system, especially with the things I know he’s going to be adding to it.

And come on, who doesn’t love something that’s totally automated once you set it up? What could be better.

So anyway, check out Steven Jenkins’ free automated system that can help you figure out how to make money on twitter.

I think you’ll be glad you did!


9 thoughts on “How To Make Money On Twitter?

  1. I would normally run from products monetizing from Tweeter directly. In my opinion twitter is a useful tool to be in-the-know, track conversations and start relationships. Not to hard-sell or anything similar.

    Nevertheless I just joined to the club to know more about his idea. I will post here my results in case anyone is interested.


  2. Mike,

    I totally agree with you, it was only because I was impressed with the back end that Steven had built, that I even considered mentioning it here. I’m definitely interested in hearing your thoughts so please do come back and share them!


  3. Even though I’m a pretty big fan of Twitter, I’ve always been the first to admit that in terms of monetization it is horrible. If you want to make money, better look elsewhere. Twitter’s strength is meeting people, making connections, finding opportunities – for that it’s absolutely fantastic, and I have had a lot of success in this direction.

    That being said, I’m really curious about Steven’s system, so will definitely check it out. Maybe that can be what makes the change?

    Thanks Jonathan!

  4. I really would tend to agree. Like I mentioned, I only even paid attention initially because it came from a customer and user of my tools, not just some random person out there who wanted me to promote his new get rich quick scheme. Still, it took a couple of emails back & forth with Steven for me to start putting aside my predispositions about monetizing twitter, enough to see that there might actually be something here.

    Besides it’s free for anyone who wants to check it out so what the hell. 🙂


  5. Hi Guys,

    Steve here from ‘Steven Jenkins Coaching Club’. I hope you don’t mind me joining the conversation and giving you some background information about the concept.

    First of all, I totally agree with Udi: Twitter is a totally different (and harder) game in terms of monetization. It even got worse in the last few days as the Twitter guys obviously get more and more picky on what kind of promo they consider ‘ok’ and what not (yes, we had some Twitter accounts suspended due to that…). My guess is that’s because they are about to start monetizing their traffic themselves:

    We already responded to that by adopting the way we do our tweets, but at the same time this was another reason for me to expand the concept beyond only the Twitter plattform (anyway, I am not a fan of putting ‘all eggs into one basket’).

    In about one weeks time we will also start building blogs on a few selected free blogging platforms (I don’t want the Coaching Club members to pay ANY money, neither in membership fees nor in any external costs, at least as far as that is possible).

    This will give all Club members the opportunity to build their own
    mid-term to long-term ‘VRE’ (Virtual Real Estate) portfolio.

    Twiter will still play an important role in the expanded concept, but it will be more like one platform among several others. I really think that’s a good diversity then.

    The main concept though behind all of it stays the same: automate as much as possible (especially the tedious, repetitive, boring daily todo’s of any internet marketer like tweeting, blog posting, social bookmarking, etc etc), and do this automation in an intelligent way so that it does not produce any gibber and white noise, but real, good, niche-specific relevant content, thus actually contributing *value* to the internet community.

    This is general concept both for Twitter and the forthcoming blogging expansion.

    The good thing about going into the blogosphere are the additional options (and less restrictions) there, plus some positive side effects like some possible SEO traffic which I consider a bonus if it happens, but not required to make the system work. Instead, we are going more the social path…

    Uuups, sorry, this became quite a long answer, but I just wanted to give a guys a better understanding of the Coaching Club concept.

    Did I manage to do that?

    Have a GREAT day!

    – Steve

  6. OK. I finished the setup of the projec on Steven’s website.
    I had to admit he did a really good job to simplify the work (dividing it in easy steps). Actually the idea is to create a twitter account, feed it using yahoo pipes with actual content AND offers, add some tracking using and getting the commisions in a paypal account (premier or business). There were some glitches that I let Steven know and the same day were fixed (Sunday… 🙂 ) So he is really on top of his app.
    He also added some steps to get more natural (add a person image to the twitter profile as well as a related background for the twitter main page).

    As I mentioned I just finished the creation of the profiles. Actually you can create only 11 twitter profiles and each profile creation took me around 40 to complete. So if you want to do it all count around 8 hours of dedicated work. But now that it’s done there’s nothing else to do (besides watching my paypal account grow). There has been no incoming payment but I believe it’s really too early to see anything.

    Kudos to Steven for this idea. If anyone else has tried please share your thoughts here.


  7. Good info Steven & Mike, thanks for sharing. I see some pretty cool potential for this as it expands, not in the “use this system and be an auto pilot millionaire!” way, but as a way to make a modest but steady little income and learn some really valuable skills. I think this could be a good place for someone to start who wants to “live the dream” of quitting their job and earning money online, but with considerably less risk than so many other options for doing so.

    Mike, keep us posted! I wanna hear when you make your first buck. 🙂


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