How to {{find out|tell|check|see|look up}} if DNS is {{propagated|working|active|set up correctly}}

{{Occasionally|On Occasion|Often|Sometimes}} when {{transferring|migrating|changing|moving}} a {{website|domain}} to {{a new|another|a different}} {{web host|hosting servce|server|host}}, or when having just {{bought|acquired|purchased}} a domain, you aren’t {{certain|totally sure|completely sure|absolutely sure}} if the DNS is {{totally|fully|actually}} ready yet ({{referred to|known as}} “propagated”) and {{it would be useful to|want to actually|would really like to}} {{be certain|know}}.

I was {{told about|turned onto|shown|sent a link to}} this {{service|site|website}} {{recently|the other day|a week or two ago|a few weeks ago}}, which is {{an extremely easy|one sure-fire|a simple|a fast|a very handy}} way to {{look up|check on|find out|check}} your DNS status from {{different parts of|all over|various countries around|different locations around|many places around}} the world.  So, {{never be uncertain again|don’t wonder any more|be sure|be certain}}… don’t guess that your {{website|site|URL|domain}} {{might be|is probably|may or may not be}} ready – KNOW for sure!


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