How many traffic sources do YOU have?

Part promo, part heart-to-heart… here’s a video I just recorded.  Details about the bonuses mentioned, can be found in this previous post.


I just got word that Gauher is only opening 100 more spots to PPV Formula, and I suspect those will disappear in a matter of minutes. So if you need to get into PPV marketing, you’d better be on the trigger Saturday morning at 9am EST!

13 thoughts on “How many traffic sources do YOU have?

  1. Hey Jonathan
    thanks for heads up

    Totaly agree re multiple traffic sources
    I still hardly use google always seems to much hassle to me.

    the key thing I continually find is to set up one different traffic source each week.

    this does mean multiple spreadsheets etc but keeps money flowing

    have a good Christmas


  2. Jonathan…yeah, I agree with you, just keep in mind Google has it’s agenda set to keep their search and content somewhat of a higher quality and clean.

    Get smart and use other alternatives. Period!

    Their focus is actually on a CPA model and set on being super duper affiliates.

  3. Danny – That’s a great idea to set up a new source each week. What a methodical approach, I love it! Simply having a plan one can follow is huge, and I think having a goal of 1 new traffic source per week, is easily achievable. Even if they aren’t all profitable (and they won’t be after all), it would increase diversification by leaps & bounds because at least a few will be. And 1 per week isn’t too overwhelming.

    John – While I agree that Google wants to keep their network “clean”, it seems to me that they’ve decided that all affiliate marketing is inherently “dirty”. Even people who have never done anything “wrong” are being swept under the rug. Maybe it’s just temporary and Google is over reacting for a short while… I guess time will tell. But you’re right that alternatives are absolutely required and people NEED to explore them, and fast!


  4. Hi Jonathan

    Yeah I saw the writing on the wall. That’s why I emailed you last month about LPGen to see about building much more “google compliant” sites. I also wanted PPV Formula badly when I heard you on a few webinars saying you didn’t even USE ppc anymore. I was like, yeah, I need to make the move or at the very least be diversified.

    So 10 days ago when the google boom got lowered I put out this piece
    Getting Your Money Back From Google Adwords After They’ve Closed Your Account to help people get their money back.

    But you are correct; it’s not even remotely just affiliates who got the boot, but all kinds of people, just check out the google forum (well, I say “check out” but it’s just to prove my point, you don’t really want to read hundreds of people complaining how they can’t believe what happened)

  5. Yeah Dave… that’s harsh stuff. Good of you to post info on how people can get their cash back… it *is* their cash not Google’s!!

    Of course it all ultimately points to one primary crucial point – if you’re only an affiliate, you’re always at the mercy of someone else. You’re nothing more than a work-from-home sales rep. Every one of us should really be working on building up our own email lists and ultimately even our own products and social networks. That way we’re not wiped out at the whim of any of these big companies.


  6. While PPV seems a good source of traffic, there is one IMPORTANT thing to consider. You need Prosper 202 to track your urls/keywords. The makers of Prosper 202/Tracking 202 are SMART affiliate marketers (and guess who’s looking at your PPV stats everyday!).

    This is the reason why your PPV campaigns will loose steam after 30 days. Because these guys look at your stats and pick everything

  7. Kishore – I have to disagree with you here. I don’t use Prosper and personally don’t find it usable for PPV at all because it can’t track your actual cost data. Gauher also doesn’t use ANY commercial tracking tool, he only uses Excel. That’s also the only way I’ve found that I can really truly know what’s going on with my campaigns… there is no commercial tracking solution that handles PPV properly, in my opinion. At one point I believed StatsJunky was going to be the solution I was looking for, but sadly that hasn’t come to be. 🙁

    As to whether or not they’re looking at your data, I have no idea… but that would be the least of my worries. Too many people are paranoid about people seeing their data and so they never actually get to the point where anyone would CARE about their data. If you aren’t making at least $1,000 per day consistently for 30 days or more, I wouldn’t even be interested in your data. Besides even if someone has your exact keywords, offers, and traffic sources… they won’t get your identical results. Trust me, I’ve tried even cloning my *own* results and usually can’t replicate them with a new campaign. It’s just more complicated than that. Plus Prosper202 is open source… it would be easy for anyone to look at the code and see if it’s sharing your stats with anyone or not (I’m pretty sure it isn’t).

    So anyway, Prosper is definitely not required for PPV.


  8. Jonathan – Gauher’s systems (PPV & PPC) are based upon using spreadsheets for tracking everything. That’s understandable since he’s an accountant turned marketer – obviously he’s a spreadsheet geek. But there are many of us who cannot or have no desire to operate that way. And “arguably” it’s a dated and time consuming methodology. But not for him.

    I bought StatsJunky and was hoping that would be my PPV – image ads – and media buying solution. Indeed, SJ is a brilliant concept & method for putting your business at your fingertips – eliminating the need for the technically challenged to become spreadsheet geeks. And a huge time saver.

    Unless SJ works or “will work” Gauher’s course is useless to me. Last word was that they are in a build from the ground up – perhaps completed after the holidays. And with a Mac version! Adobe Air? You’re on the inside so my question is: “Will the new SJ work for PPV?”

  9. Hey Dave,

    It’s true that Gauher is a spreadsheet geek… no question about it! But the truth is also that using spreadsheets can give you insights into the data that you just can’t get any other possible way. You can cross reference cells against other cells using vlookups, etc. It’s SERIOUSLY powerful stuff, but yes it requires a fairly advance knowledge of Excel.

    I’ve got to disagree pretty strongly though that having a solid knowledge of PPV traffic generation would be “useless” even without a commercial tracking solution. The possibilities with PPV are staggering and go way WAY beyond just straight CPA offers. Having a solid mastery of ANY fast-access traffic source is invaluable in the online world… you can use PPV for just about anything. Heck I was even able to generate hot Reverse Mortgage leads with it! In the online game, those who control the most traffic, generally win.

    As for SJ… I had huge HUGE hopes for it. I became one of their biggest cheerleaders. I literally gave them access to my PPV accounts and spelled out exactly how it would need to track PPV in great detail. This started back in about May of this year (2009) and it still hasn’t happened even a little bit. At this point, I don’t hold much hope… I seriously wish I could say otherwise, but my experience with them has been a huge letdown. Endless promises and explanations of why things haven’t happened yet, even promises of things by certain dates that come & go.

    If SJ can roll out soon and deliver on all their promises, then I will certainly give it another look, but so far… it’s been painful to say the least. 🙁


  10. For me and I suspect many others “advanced knowledge of Excel” means run – don’t walk away. And why not – as there are many marketers who are “killing it” without the need for Excel geek school. Yes, a solid mastery of any fast access traffic source is invaluable – but an EASY WAY to see your business is paramount. Gauher’s method is an “ad on nightmare” for many of us. And by the way – there is some outstanding information out there on PPV – media buys and image ads – for 20% of what Gauher is charging. He and his promoters set him up as the “be all – end all” expert and nothing could be further from the truth. It’s all about building perceived value – in the interests of tagging credit cards for 4 figures. I’m not saying the course isn’t good or great – but you can take the aforementioned to the bank.

    I recall the interview you did with the SJ developers (before I bought it) and everyone was walking on water – deal of a lifetime. And now you don’t hold much hope? – not even in face of a new build from the ground up that no one has seen? Sounds like StatsJunky ran out of development money.

  11. In my opinion it’s an “advanced” knowledge (which doesn’t mean much more than being able to use pivot tables and formulas) of excel that can make all the difference… because it means you can see into your data in ways that others don’t. Even the big players who do really well without Excel probably have someone in their organization somewhere that does. I just think that, since it’s not difficult stuff and I could teach it to any reasonably intelligent person in about a half hour, it’s well worth knowing.

    As for the other PPV courses out there… every one I’ve seen (which is 4 as I recall… maybe 5) ranging from $7 to $97 has been pretty thin and was loaded with horrible advice that could cause people to go broke fast or not get paid by their affiliate networks. Seriously I’ve read some really scary advice that’s presented like it’s the absolute safest and smartest approach ever. I haven’t seen a single one that I got more than one, maybe two small nuggets of ideas from. I’m not just blowing smoke when I say that PPV Formula is the only comprehensive course on the subject of PPV. Maybe there’s another one out there, but I haven’t had the privilege of seeing it yet. And what can I say… Gauher’s methods work.

    As for SJ… yeah I don’t actually know what happened and speculating about it just gets me even more upset about the whole thing. I was so excited about what they were promising… they were so open and communicative and promising the world tomorrow. But at the end of the day, none of the promised PPV-related features have shown even a glimmer of life, at least not to me. They did fix a few other things that they had promised, but it’s been 7 months since they promised me they would have PPV support “within a week or two”. I gave them a lot of my time and expertise in specing everything out and explaining what needed to be done… to have it just seemingly implode is beyond disappointing.

    I suspect that the entire product was a much much larger undertaking than they initially thought… I know I embarked on developing my own similar solution and nearly 5-figures of development later I had barely even gotten the simplest pieces working most but not all of the time. I threw in the towel in anticipation of SJ, but I’m not going to hold my breath any longer at this point. *sigh*


  12. Just wanted to drop in and differentiate myself and the other Dave commenting above.

    But as long as I’m here I might as well chime in; I personally didn’t get PPVF until yesterday, so I’ll know if it truly merits the “perceived value” that’s out there pretty soon.

    But right off the bat, not even having gone through the stuff yet, I’m telling you I personally think it’ll help me. I HAVE looked at some of those cheaper solutions and I can see some holes AND merits of what they have to offer. But here’s the deal having the adwords teat recently pulled from my mouth I’ve had to make some quick changes. And that means having to go back and re-learn the Yahoo system I haven’t used since it was called Overture, and learn all their stupid limits (like having to sign up for separate accounts to do international etc), plus really having to buckle down and teach myself media buys, AND trying to finally start using a media traffic account that I already didn’t have time to learn.

    Bottom line; I need to be able to shave learning time down by people who ACTUALLY have been using ppv since it was called cpv. And that means Gauher and his forum AND access to those tools I wont name that are inside the member’s area. So yeah, I paid. I paid. I paid. And on my budget it hurt. But I’m pretty sure guys like Greg Davis, Ruck and certainly JVC here are members, and they all make serious money-so I paid. Like a lot of us who do this, I’m a self starter/make my own way kind of guy BUT if I am going to follow somebody else’s path; I’m following the path of people who are successful.

    Lastly; does Kishore know there’s a hosted and a SELF hosted version of 202? And it’s been said time and time again; Wes isn’t after your data. Plus they just got bought out anyway…

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