How I Won the Top Affiliate Challenge

You probably know that I was on the Top Affiliate Challenge “reality show” in summer 2008, and that I won it by a pretty massive margin.  Well on the show I was fairly cagey about what EXACTLY I was doing.  There was a very specific reason for that too… it was because I had been sworn to secrecy regarding the methods I was employing, to generate such massive amounts of traffic at the click of a button.

Well it’s less of a secret now, but I used only one form of traffic, and only one set of strategies to generate around $45,000 in 2 weeks.  Everything I did came from the PPV Formula course by Gauher Chaudhry.

Well now Gauher has asked me to do a live webinar interview with him, to talk about what exactly I did during my 2 weeks in a Nebraska hotel, to get up to nearly $4,000 in a single day on my best day of the show, using only his techniques (well ok, I did have a little of my own secret sauce too…  😉

Join us live Wednesday evening at 8PM Eastern and I’ll be an open book.  I’m sure we’ll end up taking questions too so bring your best and I’ll be happy to answer them!

Go register for the webinar now.

I look forward to speaking with you then!


9 thoughts on “How I Won the Top Affiliate Challenge

  1. Jeff – I will make sure to remind Gauher to hit the record button. 😉

    SEO – Yep, it was all PPV no doubt about it. P.S. your comments come through as spam every time!

    Ben – Bonus is being finished now… I hate announcing things until I’m 1000% certain they’re what I want them to be, but I think I can safely say I’ll announce it tomorrow (the 7th). I’ll probably do it on the blog so… watch this space!


  2. Apparently it’s in the PPVF owner’s area but Gauher is not going to release it outside of the community. Too much good stuff was shared that he wants to keep inside.


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