Has it really been 4 years already??

Today is {{an anniversary of sorts|my anniversary}}.

LPGen was {{launched|released|brought out}} to the world 4 years ago {{today|this very day}}, November 1 2007.

It’s {{difficult|hard|tough}} to {{accept|imagine|believe}} that it’s been 4 years!  Time {{certainly|definitely}} does fly.

So I had {{intended|planned|expected|hoped}} to {{launch|release}} WPGen {{finally|at last}}, {{today|on this very day}}.  {{It|The date|The timing}} just {{appeared|happened|seemed}} to be {{coinciding|working out}} that way so I {{figured|thought}} it would be {{pretty|rather|sorta|kinda}} cool.

Unfortunately as often happens, {{things|events}} have conspired against me and I’m not quite going to {{hit the target|make it}}.  {{Plenty|Lots|Loads}} of {{odds & ends|minor details|”loose ends”}} with the {{licensing|authorization|registration}} system, {{sales page|shopping cart}}, and all that happy {{horsesh-, er stuff|stuff|crap}}.

But on the {{positive|bright|plus}} side, it’s {{SUPER|VERY|REALLY}} close!  I’m still {{planning|intending|looking|hoping}} to get all this {{finished|done|wrapped up}} today and {{launch|release|roll out}} tomorrow.  Regardless of the exact {{date|day}}, it’s going to be very, very soon so… stay tuned everyone!  🙂


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