Google is the WRONG place to be looking for traffic?

I swear I have some of the smartest, most innovative people as my customers.  You gals & guys are always keeping me on my toes and getting my mental wheels spinning with possibilities.

One such person is Mark Olson.  He recently told me about some new things he was testing to get traffic, and the sorts of results he was getting.  After he shared with me a story about how he launched his teenage daughter to the top of a massively competitive niche in no time at all (and that she’s STILL THERE today), I got very intrigued.

And now, Mark is making a bold claim.  Specifically that Google is the WRONG place to be looking for traffic.

WTF?  Well if that’s so, then what’s the RIGHT place supposed to be??

Ironically, it’s still Google… sortof.  But it’s a completely different game and goes by new rules.

Mark & I chatted for about 45 minutes and you can listen in on the conversation:

[cdnvault]width=480|height=320|mode=video|file=tbp_webinar.mp4|title=Tube Blueprint Webinar[/cdnvault]

Alternatively if you don’t have time for/interest in the webinar and just want to know Mark’s secrets, you can pick up his insanely cheap course and get started!



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