Google Cash Detective issues…

OK so… I ended up staying up until just past 4AM the other night/morning because of Google Cash Detective. Talk about an engrossing addictive tool.

BUT… will it deliver on what it promises?

This is where I’m not quite sure yet.

I don’t have any hard data to share yet… I want to do a video with some detail but I’ve got a VERY full plate right now (I shouldn’t even be spending ANY time with it quite frankly, at least not right now!)

But I can say this – the interface needs some work. The raw data is there and is amazing, BUT… there are next to no searching capabilities right now, nor sorting capabilities. At the moment, it is fairly clumsy to use.

Fortunately, that’s all very minor stuff to fix, and I’ve heard that it will be addressed within a few weeks. So… I’m still optimistic.

But I need to actually put up a campaign with it. So far, because of the clunky nature of the interface, I haven’t found anything that has met the criteria, and after a while you get sick of click-click-clicking to see each possibility one by one by one. I think I need to just commit to a full day where all I have to do, is get a campaign from GCD up & running.

Anyway that’s all I have to report right this second, and I’ve got loads of other things I need to be focusing on.

Oh crap and on that note I just noticed that it’s 12:25AM *AGAIN* (thanks to the time change this time). I’ve gone so nocturnal again… not good!


3 thoughts on “Google Cash Detective issues…

  1. Hey Jonathan!

    I just got your report and am very anxious to read it!

    I am also a member of GC Detective and agree with you about the lack of filters and sorting but I am also optimistic and I believe the community that Chris has built will be something nice. I have put some campaigns up using the Detective and one thing that stood out immediately is the “excellent” quality scores right out of the gates. I’m seeing some nice results with it and I look forward to implementing your strategies as well.

    Thanks again for writing this report!


  2. Jonathan,

    Read the report and look fwd to trying it – thanks!

    Re Googlecash – We are very interested in hearing how it goes. Although we are rookies at CPA – we do know a bit about PPC (for businesses) and when Chris rolled out his (better than FKern) brilliantly done launch – well we slowed the video and took some of his examples and tried them.

    The results were horrible. In fact one of the ads he talked about with Walart – was fabricated – and completely against Walmarts’ TOS.

    He explained that one in an email (sortof) so we tried a couple of others with pretty miserable results.

    So we would be very curious to hear your results.

    We’ll watch the blog.

    All the best

    Miami Phillips
    Web Wide Wizards

    ps Good post about taking the hit – I FEEL your pain!

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