Getting Mobilized with MobiBlueprint!

You may or may not have heard but Gauher Chaudhry is going to finally be really launching his Mobile Traffic course very soon. It’s been in the works for quite some time, and was even “soft launched” a while back to a small group of people who wanted to be on the bleeding edge of online marketing.

I don’t promote most of the stuff that comes down the pipe (though I’m asked to), but when Gauher’s behind it, so am I. He knows his stuff, always delivers, and practices whatever he preaches. I trust him with my (business) life.  So watch for MobiBlueprint and take advantage of the free content Gauher will be giving away.

Plus, I have something very very very special I’m cooking up to go along with his course. Something nobody else on the planet has (that I’m aware of anyway) and something that, if applied to mobile traffic, could be the difference between moderate success, and absolute total mobile domination.

Stay tuned for info on that… it’s not quite ready yet but I’m putting the finishing touches on it as quickly as I can. 😉

UPDATE:  I’ve decided that those who opt-in to MobiBlueprint from this post, will be the first to find out what I’m working on and have a chance to get their hands on it.  Everyone else will have to wait a while.  So if you want to have a massive mobile traffic competitive edge, go opt-in to MobiBlueprint now and you’ll hear from me soon!


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