Followup on PPC Web Spy

Well this is getting interesting.

My previous post was about an interesting keyword research tool called PPC Web Spy. It’s really NOT a spy tool in my opinion, but it is a cool and useful tool plus it’s free. Of course there’s an upsell to a viral add-on that promises to make you a fortune in your sleep, blah blah blah I’ve heard it all before.

But, call me a sucker (SUCKER!!) I went for the $97 upsell. I wanted to see how it worked and figured that over a long enough time horizon, the chances of recouping the investment were extremely high.

Well it’s been just a couple days, and lo & behold… I have over 100 hops to products in my clickbank account that I am not now nor have I ever promoted. I don’t even know what they are… but people ARE in fact clicking on my affiliate link which has now been embedded in their searches.

I’ve had a handful of clicks through my Amazon link as well. PayDotCom doesn’t let you see clicks as far as I can tell – only sale… so I don’t know about them.

But to my pleasant surprise, it’s actually “working” in that people ARE clicking on relevant products through my affiliate links, without me doing anything.

Of course it needs to translate to sales before I’ll really get excited about this aspect of PPC Web Spy, but hey… it all starts with a click!


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