First Third-Party LPGen Plugin Released!

I am just SO excited about this!

When I originally created LPGen, I envisioned it as a platform and not just a tool.  I deliberately left the module architecture open to development… but only a few more advanced users have put it to use for themselves.  Nobody has released anything to the public.

Until now!

And so it is with no small amount of pride that I introduce you to…

Adwords Smackdown for LPGen!

The above link goes to a quick demo I did of how the plugin works.  It’s seriously wicked for anyone doing Adwords especially.  I made the video then showed it to Aaron (Smackdown creator) and he offered to host it for me… so go have a look.  I made the video a little while ago before he had his sales page ready, so I mention that I don’t know the price, etc.  That’s all been settled now and you can actually see his sales page here:

Oh also… before I forget!  As a special offer to my lists and readers of my blog, he’s offering a major discount code that brings the price down to just $97.  I think it’s god for a few hundred people or something like that.

When you check out, be sure you use this coupon code:


So do check this out, early feedback from a few sneak-preview users has been tremendous, and hopefully some testimonials will be made public soon.

Also this will hopefully get everyone’s juices flowing with regard to making plugins for LPGen.  It’s easy to do, so if anyone has questions about it, just ask me!


One thought on “First Third-Party LPGen Plugin Released!

  1. Hi Jonathan-
    Wow, I really get where you are right now. With the real estate holdings (have I got stories for you) and credit card tightening (yep, got my “rate change” notices in the mail too), and you’re trying to leverage for PPC, arrghh, I totally get it. We are in very similar circumstances.
    I also bought GCD, with my last credit card 🙂
    I really really really want lpgen and smackdown but smackdown wants $297 (couldn’t get your discount code to work) and lpgen at $397. I feel the squeeze. Do you know a way to get both of these for less?
    Thanks for your insightful blog and information. I can’t wait to start the prepop.

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