Firefox 7 freezes with high CPU

OK so is it just me or is the new Firefox 7 seriously screwed up?

I’ve had loads of issues with Firefox for years, in particular around memory usage.  I’m an admitted “tab whore” and so I’ll easily have 4 or 5 windows open each with 10 to 20 tabs in them at any given time.  But my machine is running 64bit Windows and has 4 cores with 6gigs of RAM so I don’t really see that as too much to ask.  Yet FF has constant problems once the memory usage climbs over the 1gig mark (which doesn’t take long).

But Firefox 7 takes this to a whole new level of suck.  At least twice per day, sometimes more, it will just completely freeze.  Nothing will load, and you’ll never even get a 404 or any other timeout type error message.  It just locks up and the CPU usage for it climbs to 15 to 20% and stays there indefinitely.  You can select tabs and do anything you want with the program, you just can’t reach any websites.  IE and Chrome are just fine.

The only remedy seems to be quitting & restarting the browser, but then it just happens again after a few hours.  Total madness!

For the moment I’ve gone back to Firefox 6 as I found other complaints of this issue and they said downgrading was the only solution.  I can’t switch to Chrome as my primary browser because of all the development related adons I use in FF.  I do tend to use Chrome a lot more now though for general web surfing.

Firefox team – I understand you’re on a new kick with this “major version number updates every few weeks” thing, but they’d better be STABLE!


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