Exclusive Interview with Mr. Sniper

Wow, the last hour has really turned my world a little bit upside down.

I just got finished talking to Mr. Sniper (get the recording), the man behind most of the content in the new Aggressive Affiliates course (http://aggressiveaffiliates.com).  He’s doing some things that I actually didn’t think would even work well, and to devastatingly profitable effect!

I recorded the whole thing for your listening pleasure, it’s short but could have a tremendous impact on your bottom line especially if you do PPC marketing.  Check it out!

www. tooltrainer. com/ tooltrainer-sniper.mp3 (remove the spaces… WordPress is being stupid)

This is really making me rethink a few things.  I’m going to have to study his material a whole lot more closely than I realized.


15 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Mr. Sniper

  1. Hey Johnathan,

    I’m just hanging out on the aggressive affiliates blog right now trying to get into their launch??

    Not sure what’s going on but their either being straight up or, rockin the scarcity tactic to perfection? 🙂

    I first heard about their course through that email you sent out a week ago.

    And after watching the video with Mr. Sniper and Peter I was very interested in his techniques, around the content network.

    Moral of the story: Trying to make up my mind depending on the price of this course…also, can’t get your audio recording’s to play?

    Stuck in buffering mode??

    Thanks Buddy!


  2. Andy – I hadn’t posted an MP3 to wordpress in quite a while, looks like they’ve got some new fancy built-in audio player thingy… but I’m not a big fan personally. Try visiting the MP3 directly instead:

    tooltrainer . com / tooltrainer-sniper.mp3

    Maybe that’ll be better. It actually WILL NOT let me post the URL without using it’s own stupid player!!

    Sniper definitely has some awesome stuff up his sleeve… I always tell people NOT to buy something if it’s not an exact fit for their current business direction, but if you’re doing PPC especially, then I think this is worthy of serious consideration (as long as you’re a DOER and not only a learner. Unless you have the money to just learn in which case, why not?? LOL)

    Uri – Excellent question, I have absolutely no idea… it’s such a new idea that I haven’t even really wrapped my head around what it could mean!


  3. OK, new version is less than 1/6 the size of the old… hopefully it’s much happier now!

    Make sure you do a “force refresh” or it might by trying to use an old cached copy in your browser. Hit CTRL-F5 on Windows.



    WordPress won’t even allow me to post a link to an mp3 file without forcing you into using their player, which apparently doesn’t work.

    What a piece of !@$@!W%@!%$!

    So, put this into your address bar in your browser, obviously without the spaces I have to insert so WP won’t use its player:

    tooltrainer . com / tooltrainer-sniper.mp3

    This is so lame… sorry everyone. 🙁


  5. Hi Jonathan

    Many thanks for that very insightful information on ppc costs and QS information.

    Looks like I’ll have to stop buying domains after my 180’s one now.

    That will save me a packet.

    Great audio. Many thanks

    Hey – How did the Magic Bullet Seminar go?
    I was supposed to come – things went all haywire at my end at last minute

    Take care

  6. Oh Oh now where did I put my Drool Bib…this sounds good stuff. esp 1 to 5 cent!

    Long time not spoken Jonathan (Been off Air) hope your well and kicking!
    Pass on my regards to Big A for me.

  7. Howdy David! Welcome back!

    Yeah, 1 to 5 cent starting bids on SEARCH!! That’s why I asked if it was content or search… that sort of thing is much more common on content.

    I may have to do a followup interview or something, since I did this one it’s sparked a lot more questions that I’d love to get the answers to. Then again maybe it’s all in the course material, I just need to make the time to go through it all!


  8. When I first heard about this course I thought it was “one of those” other courses.

    But since even you are recommending it, I’m gonna look into it more seriously.

    1-5 cents is insane 🙂

  9. Hamant – Glad you got something out of the interview, I really wanted to talk a lot longer and ask a ton more but I’d promised we would keep it to about 15 minutes… went a bit over that as it was.

    Magic Bullet was FREAKING AMAZING on a lot of levels. I have a blog post in the works about it… but ther was so much amazing stuff, it’s hard to express it in writing. I’ll do my best!

    Kang – Yeah the results Sniper has had by using these methods are phenomenal for sure… but please, for you and everyone else, ONLY buy this course if it’s truly on the path you are taking with your business. I try hard not to contribute to “shiny object syndrome” as I’m a firm believer that focus is CRITICAL to any kind of success (and I’m a prime example of where that has proven true, and where I’ve ignored it and fallen on my ass!)

    If your primary business focus is affiliate marketing via PPC, then by all means check out the course, and see where it fits in your strategy. If your primary focus is SEO, article marketing, blogging, social media, etc. then I’m not so sure this would be a good fit, now matter how good they are at pulling you into the launch buzz. 😉


  10. zdanna,

    I haven’t heard that from anyone else, I’ve definitely heard that WordPress’ built-in audio player has issues, but if you visit the direct file you should have no problem. The file is at:

    http://www.tooltrainer.com /tooltrainer-sniper.mp3

    Remove the space in the above… I can’t show a direct link or WP will again force the player on you. Very annoying but I’m not aware of a way to disable it. Many other people have been able to download & listen to the mp3 just fine.


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