Easy Prepop Known Bugs/Issues

This is the official page for all known Easy Prepop issues. If you find an issue that you think should be reported, please check to see if it’s already on this list, or in the comments. If it is and you have something further to add, then please do! But please do not post something just to say “I see that too!” Thanks! Jonathan

CURRENT VERSION DOWNLOAD LINK (RC3.2):  www.vanclutesolution.com/ep


  1. Do not use any form of static/caching with Easy Prepop.  Doing so will break critical aspects of the plugin, and leads will not be recorded properly, etc.  I’ll say it again – NO CACHING PLUGINS!!


  1. Campaigns Page lists pages that do not have URLs assigned to them, and therefore are not truly campaigns.

  2. “Test Mode” does not always work properly when enabled.

  3. On the URL Settings meta box, the subid and resize options are not evenly spaced horizontally to the width of the meta box.

  4. Recapture and Validate checkboxes sometimes don’t seem to behave. I can check them both and they’ll seem fine, but hours later I’ll return to edit the page and they are unchecked again.

  5. Email validation fails if user simply puts in a space for the email

  6. The Daisy Chain dropdown shows non-campaign pages

  7. Deleting pages does not seem to remove them from the Campaigns page. (Not able to reproduce)

  8. “Invalid Header” error when activating the plugin.  I don’t know what causes this but it appears to be a WordPress issue and not something I can fix.  Only seems to occur if using the WordPress upload option, does not appear to happen from FTP installs.

18 thoughts on “Easy Prepop Known Bugs/Issues

  1. Sorry for the repost, but I forgot to mention I was using “Chrome”. That may be part of the problem, not sure.

    Feel free to combine my messages into one and edit anyway you feel necessary, if it gets posted here.

    Tim Walker

  2. Very interesting Tim, thanks for the feedback!! I just tried installing the zip with Chrome and had no issues. Can you try it again and see if it happens again? Might have been a one time fluke, but if not then I definitely want to look into it.

    I’m glad to hear it doesn’t appear to have affected the install at all, but cryptic messages like that are never desirable! =)

    Thanks again for the feedback, keep it coming!


  3. Jonathan, I also ran into – “The plugin does not have a valid header.”
    Having said that the install seems ok so far. I installed plugin while using Firefox.

    Thanks, Alvin

  4. I just activated the plugin in a clean WP install. the url settings bar does not appear when writing a new post.

    Is it required to have profits theme to use the plugin?

  5. Hi Troy,

    The software is specifically designed to work with pages, not posts. You’ll see all the usual settings when you create a page. Oh and no, ProfitsTheme is not required, I just think it’s awesome.

    On the note of using posts, it *is* possible to use EP with a post. Here’s how you would do it:

    1. Create a new page, and set up your URLs. Make note of the page number for that page (can be seen in the URL of the address bar when editing).
    2. Create a new post, and in that post use the shortcode like normal to create the form.
    3. In the shortcode, add the parameter camp= and set it to equal the page number you had in the page you set up URLs for. It might look something like this:

    [ep_form camp=3]

    4. Send traffic to your post’s permalink, and you should have a working form that sends the visitor through the offers defined in the page.

    I could look into having the meta boxes appear for posts too, if enough people would prefer to work that way. Personally I like using pages but I’ll do what the users want.

    Thanks for the feedback!


  6. Ah you mean the optin form? Interesting idea… you could do that already actually just using the shortcode, there’s a simple one-line code addition you can put in wp-config.php to allow shortcodes in your sidebar, or you can use something like Shortcode PHP Exec to enable shortcodes in widgets.

    Hope that helps!


  7. Hmmm very strange, I still can’t reproduce it. To be clear – this doesn’t actually cause any problem with using the plugin after it’s installed, right?

    I really don’t know what would be causing such an error message, it’s just a standard windows-created .zip file. Weird.


  8. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for great plugin.

    I’m testing RC3.1 and it’s still have “Invalid Header” error when using using the WordPress upload option.

    Second problem I found – after plugin activation I got this error:
    Site error: the file (filename) requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so to be installed by the site administrator.

    So I fixed it by installing IonCube (the solution was here

    So the plugin requre installation of IonCube as well.

    • Yeah the invalid header errors happen for some people, but not most, and I still don’t know exactly why. I’m hoping that by the time I release another update, I’ll have finally beaten it (Easy Prepop hasn’t seen any development in a LONG time… I got very sidetracked unfortunately 🙁 )

      As for the IonCube loader, yes that is definitely required. If I forgot to state that as a requirement, then I apologize! Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll be sure to mention that in the future.

      Enjoy, and please send any feedback you have after using it!


  9. Hy Jonathan,

    Hows it going? Been a while….

    But I was just curious if this plugin still works or has any updates scheduled.

    All the best and a Happy Holiday!

    • Hey Andy! Yes indeed it has been a while.

      Sadly, I haven’t done any further development on this, in order to finish it and release it “for real”. The last beta still should work, but I’ve been so busy on other things that I just haven’t had bandwidth to add more products, plus their marketing & sales, to my plate. That might change this coming year depending on a few factors, as I’d really love to finish this and a few other things up and actually release them to the world!


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