E-Z Affiliate Landing Pages Webinar

One thing I get asked about quite often, is various aspects of actually creating a landing page.  People get stuck on all sorts of things when really they’re just making it more difficult than it needs to be.

I’m holding another webinar for my marketing community on this very topic, and I’ve decided for the first time to let non-members in as well, for a modest price.

For just $49 you can attend this webinar live, and will also receive access to the playback after it’s done.  This will be your chance to learn some of my tricks & techniques for building affiliate landing pages quickly and easily, without wasting huge amounts of time, using expensive software, or paying a designer (and trust me – I’m no designer myself!)


Among other things I intend to discuss:

  • Test quickly by swiping design elements from existing pages and making them your own
  • Quick & dirty image manipulation without Photoshop
  • Simple HTML tricks without using any fancy HTML software
  • How to clone nearly any web page in seconds
  • Ways to use WPGen to get the best results
  • Whatever else you bring up!

Join us and have your microphone or telephone ready if possible, as I love interacting on my webinars.  I plan for this to be 1 hour long but if you’ve been on any of my past webinars, you know that I generally will stay for as long as people have questions… my record so far is 3 hours straight without a pause!  😉

Register now so you don’t miss out, I look forward to showing you some things and answering your questions!


5 thoughts on “E-Z Affiliate Landing Pages Webinar

  1. Hi J

    I can’t make the webinar because I am on holiday but I would like to see the replay.

    Will you be making it available to those that don’t/can’t/won’t/don’t deserve to be there?

    I am looking at using WPGen in some landing pages that I will be driving traffic to from facebook and I want to have some cpa offers on it

    This is right up my street as I am geting into cpa again and I know your ‘stuff’ of old and enjoy and profited from it a lot in the past.

    All the best

    • Hey William! Yes the recording will be made available to everyone who registers, so even if you can’t make it live you’ll be covered. Of course I personally would love everyone to make it so that there’s more questions & interaction, but I’ll manage even if you want be there. =)

      Great to hear from you again!


  2. Hey Jonathan:

    Great to hear that you’re doing another webinar!!!

    Also, very kind of you to allow non-members access as well.

    But … to charge existing customers a fee is IMHO a bit much.

    Really … every single day I get invitations to webinars on all sorts of topics from seasoned marketers and I can count on one hand the number of times where there has been a charge involved.

    No offense buddy … just my two cents worth on this beautiful Saturday morning.


  3. Hey I appreciate you sharing your viewpoint. I know everyone & their brother does free webinars, and more often than not in my experience the quality hasn’t been all that high. They’re usually just sales pitches in disguise. I want to separate those who just want free information, from those who will hopefully actually USE what I share with them, ask good questions, etc.

    Anyone who’s been on my webinars in the past probably knows that I don’t do pre-planned or “canned” presentations. That’s fine for sales presentations, but I feel strongly that I need to show people the real deal… what happens when you’re REALLY trying to do this stuff, and not just pull a “Julia Childs” and magically have a completed, perfect example to show. I really hate when people don’t show an entire process start to finish, wrinkles, warts, and all.

    Plus I always stay as long as there are questions… I don’t do the “Sorry our time is up” thing. If there’s 3 hours of really good questions, I’ll stay and field them. Since I’m not selling anything on webinars like this, I feel strongly that charging a little something isn’t at all unreasonable. Hell, when you buy Microsoft Windows you don’t get Word or Excel for free. 😉

    Anyway, I understand how you feel and of course if anyone who paid is unsatisfied with what they get out of the webinar, I’ll issue an immediate refund.


  4. Listen Bro!
    I don’t blame you a bit for charging.
    Heck, if I am this good, i will charge as well.
    (charging make you weed out non serious folks)
    those who don’t charge DO NOT charge because they want you in so that they can SELL to you at the end of the webinar.
    that is how the “players roll”

    Talking about quality of these webinars, the only webinars I think are of good quality are marketing experiments, marketing Sherpa, a tiny fraction of internet marketers.

    Yes, tiny fraction and that of Gauher Chaudhry(of course I am biased!)He is my cpa mentor,teacher, and he is the main man!

    ok, and yours too 🙂

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