Don’t give up on your traffic!

OK on the off chance that you’re reading this and somehow are NOT on Gauher’s mailing list already (and you really should be if you’re at all interested in making more money from paid traffic and CPA offers in particular…) I have just one thing to day.


OK but seriously… the thing I wanted to be sure to mention was a strategy that he turned me onto early this year, that allows you to have a second (or third, fourth, etc.) chance at converting your visitor into a lead/sale/whatever.  Bottom line – it works.

I mean think about it – what are your bounce rates like?  Like most everyone else I’m gonna bet they’re really really high, like maybe up in the 80% range?  That means 80% of your traffic just GOES AWAY!  And believe me they’re gone… not likely to come back again any time soon and if you paid for them, then that royally sucks.

But if you can make them stop and reconsider leaving, in a way that doesn’t HAVE to be obnoxious… you’d be hard pressed to not make more money with this strategy.

So go check it out… Gauher’s giving it away along with some other phenomenal material from his PPCFormula course, totally for free.  I know you’re gonna love it.


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