Does PPC Still Work in 2011?

Does PPC Still Work?

Amazingly, I get asked that question fairly often.

And I say amazingly because I tend to assume that by now, people must realize that traffic sources don’t work.

We work THEM!

And without exception the people that I know who make a good living via PPC, work very, very hard for it.

This stuff is NOT EASY.  I don’t care what anyone tells you.

I suspect that nobody knows that better than Gauher Chaudhry.

As you probably know if you’ve been around me any length of time, Gauher is a “guru” in the PPC game, having created the PPCFormula course that changed many of our lives as far back as 2007.

In the years that I’ve known Gauher, I’ve watched him totally rebuild his business from scratch several times.

I’m talking about a guy who does 7 figures a year in PPC-generated commissions, and he’s rebuilt it all.

More than once!

But what’s even more remarkable than that, is that he hasn’t just managed to recreate his business each time (usually due to the nature of the game changing in some fundamental way).

He’s made it STRONGER than last time!

And here we are, today, in late 2011, when a lot of people I’m sure would tell you that the PPC game is “over”… with so many stories of account bans and slaps, it would be hard not to listen!

But Gauher’s doing better than ever.

And believe me, he’s not sitting on the beach with his laptop sipping a margarita!

He’s hard at work, every single day, nurturing his campaigns, building new ones, testing new ideas, and optimizing his data.

If there was an award for “Hardest Working Guy In PPC”, I’d say give it to Gauher!

His PPCFormula course has been closed for quite some time now, but that’s about to change once more as well.

Gauher has totally overhauled the course, with case studies of exactly what he’s doing NOW, in 2011, that’s working for him.  PPCFormula 3.0 is about to launch.

I was one who took him up on the offer of “early bird” access to the new content earlier this year, and I truly must say that if you want to have the best shot at success with PPC – especially if you want to promote CPA offers – then PPCFormula 3 is the smartest way to go.

Check out the free video Gauher has just posted, where he walks you through the entire process of setting up a PPC campaign on one of his most profitable traffic sources, that almost nobody is talking about.

Sign up for his list and I’m certain you’ll get some really valuable tips from him even if you don’t decide to buy PPCFormula 3 now.

One last word of caution before I sign off… PPCFormula 3 is not “cheap” and in my opinion it shouldn’t be.  The price reflects the caliber of people who have trusted Gauher as a teacher, and it’s worth many times the price for those who are willing to do the work.


This stuff isn’t easy, but if you will put in the time and the focus, it could change your life like it has so many others’.

Be well!


15 thoughts on “Does PPC Still Work in 2011?

  1. Johnathan,

    In fact Gauher was THE person with his PPC Formula 1 product that got me into PPC in the first place. Awsome guy and the real deal. He’s even created a membership site for only $10 which i also joined and which he has stated that some of the proceeds will be donated to a cancer charity (close to his heart!).

    • That’s right! I joined IMStealth as well… that one was a classic “no brainer” and I don’t know of anyone else doing anything like it. Leave it to Gauher to originate! 🙂


  2. Hey Jonathan:

    Great message!!!

    Having said that, you’re speaking to the converted here.

    I’m already in … as an “early bird” also.

    Be well back at you.

  3. Of course PPC is still alive. Google would never let this enormous revenue stream fade away. The thing is that there’s so many people that had been banned it really left a sour taste in the mouths of most of the IM community.

    Now, if you’re not promoting registry cleaners, email submits or thin bridge sites, Adwords can be your best friend. It HAS to be a legit product and you site has to have a dual purpose to both ENGAGE the reader who clicks on your ad and get them into the top of your sales funnel. Now weather you do this via a squeeze page and email follow up OR you do it on page, it doesn’t really matter as long as you keep in mind that Google is looking for a solid user experience after they arrive on your site.

    Corey Bornmann

  4. Yep all true… but let’s not forget that Google !== PPC. 😉 There are so many PPC networks out there, and it’s extremely risky to have all your PPC eggs in Google’s basket, as so many have in the past and still do. One slap and you’re out of business overnight!

    I also would agree with those who say it’s getting harder for small players to compete with Google. They make more money with less headache from the big players, and so that’s who they cater to. I think they’ll keep squeezing the small players until most of them go away, as they’re nothing more than a drain on Google’s resources (Come on folks, Google doesn’t care if you spend $10k/month… that’s PEANUTS!)

    I’ve had conversations several times over the years with Gauher where he had caught himself once again being too heavily weighted in Google, and he’s definitely learned to diversify his traffic, something more affiliates would do well to imitate!

    But yeah legit products still have tremendous potential even on Adwords, especially if combined with remarketing.


  5. I thought gauher had moved to PPV – or was that when ‘he’ was selling a PPV course and was saying PPC was dead

    Yet again ANYTHING to get mugs to buy



  6. Gauher has never said he moved away from PPC, that was me. 🙂 I very publicly left the PPC game for PPV because for me, it just was a better fit. Not everyone is suited for PPC, just like not everyone is suited for SEO, PPV, media buying, or even marketing in general.

    Gauher has always been very open that while he makes good money from PPV, it’s not his primary focus because it’s just so small compared to PPC. You can only scale PPV so far, but PPC is just about limitless.

    And incidentally, nobody was saying anything just to sell a course. I really did abandon PPC a few years ago. I’ve since come back to it a tiny bit, mostly for non-IM projects. But I still don’t have the ideal temperament for it personally.


  7. So how many different traffic sources does Gauher go over, Besides Google (and 7search i guess from the video on his site)? I’m looking to get into the PPC game myself as i have been doing SEO for some time, and frankly, i want to start learning how to drive traffic in minutes, as opposed to weeks and months…

  8. It’s all one “source” in that it’s all PPC focused, but he covers 10 networks right now and I’ve been told there will be 10 more within the next 6 weeks, so a total of 20 different PPC networks to play with.


    • Sorry about that, I’ve been told they have taken it off the market temporarily to totally revamp the site and sales funnel. Hopefully it comes back on the market again soon. Sorry I don’t have better news for you!


    • Well, that’s actually one of the funny things about Gauher… he tracks everything with Excel, PPVDominator, or a combination of both and does all his “split testing” with the PPVD/LPGen rotator. To my knowledge he doesn’t use ANY third party tracking solution like P202, cpvlab, Google WSO, Analytics, or any of the others that are out there. Probably one of the most common questions I get is variations of “What do you use for tracking?” People don’t like hearing “CSVs and Excel” because it’s not sexy and sounds like work (and it IS work) but frankly there is no tracking tool that I’ve ever seen, that allows me to see into the data the way Excel does.

      So yes Gauher does cover the spreadsheets he uses in Excel to do his tracking and how he uses them, but it may be disappointing if you were expecting a sexy automated approach.

      The key takeaway from how he does what he does though is this:

      IT WORKS!



  9. Sounds good. I actually use excel everyday at my job, so that doesn’t bother me at all. As long as he covers it, then i’m good : )

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