Do you have a good tracking solution?

I didn’t plan on making two posts today but I just found out about this and I think it’s a REALLY big deal for almost every affiliate or website owner.


Probably the most common question I get is about tracking.  What do I use, what’s the best system, how do I like XYZ tracking solution, etc. etc. etc.  Tracking (or lack of) is clearly a real problem for most affiliates, especially new ones.

Personally, I gave up on all the publicly available solutions a while back because none of them met my needs.  The closest was StatsJunky but it had no way to compare costs & revenues and give me a detailed view of what I was earning (or losing) at the keyword level for every campaign.

But guess what?  StatsJunky did finally add this capability.  Unfortunately again for me, it didn’t support the particular traffic networks I use the most and was PPC-specific, not handling any other forms of paid traffic.

But, I’ve kept it on my radar as the closest commercial solution to what I would want for myself.  All the while pouring money into the development of my own solution (which frankly still has some major problems and I’ve spent many thousands of dollars on it so far).

One big obstacle for many people regarding StatsJunky (or SJ as many call it) is that it’s a monthly fee.  We marketers seem to LOVE monthly fees when we’re collecting them, but HATE paying them to anyone else.  Seems like a double standard but hey, I understand people prefer to pay once for something instead of every single bloody month.

Well that’s what I’m so excited about… not only has SJ continued to develop and they are closer than ever to supporting everything I personally want & need in a trcking solution, but they’re also giving everyone the chance to pay ONE TIME FOR LIFE.

This is HUGE if you’re in any way serious about this business.  If you are, you’ll have a tracking solution for years to come.  Normally SJ is $79 PER MONTH but it’s there birthday so they’re making 1500 people this special offer:

Pay JUST ONCE and it’s $297.


NO monthly fees, EVER.

That means that you pay for less than 4 month’s of subscription and use it forever.

Unless you already have the ultimate tracking solution in place – DO NOT MISS THIS DEAL!!!

I truly believe that based on what I’ve seen being developed, SJ is the closest to what I would build myself.  I’ve chatted with the founder at length and basically they aim to be THE preeminate tracking tool for ALL your business… we’re not just talking PPC here, but banners, organic, email, you name it they want to track it for you.  And they’re the only solution that I’ve seen that seems to “get it” when I bitch about having to download & upload reports.

I’ve been saying for a long time… the data is already on two servers (one for cost, one for revenue).  Do NOT make me download it from both sources only to upload it again somewhere else.  DO IT FOR ME!  I want to push a button, have everything downloaded (or better yet have it run automatically at a set time every day… which SJ does) and ready for review.

So anyway, check out SJ seriously.  You’ve got until midnight on the 23rd, but I don’t know WHOSE midnight they mean… and they’re only doing it for 1500 people… so I just plain advise you not to wait.  Definitely check out StatsJunky.  The moment they support my traffic sources, I’m switching over to them.  I haven’t had any development done on my own system in months because I just can’t bear to spend more money on it when SJ has already done a better job.



16 thoughts on “Do you have a good tracking solution?

  1. Jonathan,

    Does GoTryThis 2 (version 2) by John Reel do the same?

    If not, I will go with this StatsJunky OTO payment for $297…

    Will you give me your opinion of GoTryThis2 ($14.95 a month) ?

    BTW, I have your LPGen… learning to use it with SpeedPPC…


    Doctor Quadlander in Texas…

  2. I have the same question… I went ahead and jumped on this deal (thank you for bringing it to our attention). Lol, I am so tired of subscription payments, and even though GoTryThis was nicely priced, it’s nice to get a lifetime tracking solution at a one-time fee. And $297 is a steal compared to their $699/year normal price!

    So should I cancel my GoTryThis subscription? Would there be any reason I would want to have and use both of these two tracking systems, or are they completely redundant? I just got the GoTryThis during their beta release and haven’t had time to set up a campaign with it yet, so I am still unfamiliar with it, thus I’m looking for others who may have used both. Thanks!

  3. Michael – I haven’t used GTT myself but I have many users who do so I’m pretty confident they’re compatible. However I don’t believe it’s a totally robust tracking solution. I could be wrong, but I believe it’s a basic conversion tracking script, whereas SJ is aiming to be your complete business dashboard central – where EVERY campaign you run in your online business is reported in detail automatically.

    Marlon – good point, yes it is only for Windows. But today’s Macs run Windows perfectly via something like Parallels Desktop… I know because I have a MacBook Pro sitting next to me and I’ve been a Mac guy since 1984! 🙂

    This really is a smoking deal… it’s not even 4 months’ worth of subscription price and you get it forever! Crazy!


  4. Jonathan,
    Matt Trainor did an interview with Stats Junky and they said they were coming out “soon” and the deal was like$97/month or $695 for one year or $1,295 for two years if paid upfront.

    Is this a different version? Matt seemed to think this was the greatest tool ever, but that high cost that they mentioned killed it for me. Your deal sounds reachable, but why the difference?

    even their site has the higher figures…Is this THAT good of a deal?


  5. how well this work speedppc + lpgen + statsjunky

    does this encrypt link so networks can not track are keyword are traffic source.

    please help me to decide on this.


  6. Sandy – If GTT was already working for you then I would certainly advise not to toss it until you’re sure SJ will do the job. But it sounds like you haven’t had a chance to put GTT into practice anyway so maybe it doesn’t matter. My understanding (limited that it is) is that GTT isn’t as complete a solution for tracking as SJ, but I have no direct experience with GTT so I could be wrong. But obviously the $297 lifetime is a better deal for the long run (if you believe as I do that SJ will deliver the goods) than almost ANY subscription.

    Craig – I don’t believe there is more than one version, I’ve only ever heard of the $79/month price. Maybe $97 was a typo? But yeah $297 is hard to beat for a good solution. I’d pay that every MONTH if it actually did what I need.

    Yogi – I don’t think there’s a whole lot of connection between the programs. SpeedPPC builds your PPC campaigns, LPGen makes the landing pages, and SJ tracks the results. All you really need to do as I understand it, is add %%sjid%% to your affiliate link (in LPGen that is) and the SJID will be sent to the network, instead of your raw keyword. That way everything is hidden as far as keywords go. Personally I don’t bother hiding my keywords but if I had a solution that made it easy to do so, I’d do it.

    As for hiding traffic sources, the affiliate networks won’t know where your traffic comes from if you’re using landing pages. If you direct link then they can see it anyway, but a landing page in between can effectively obscure where the traffic came from.


  7. You guys need a heads up that stats junky is not tracking direct track merchants currently. It was supposed to in june but they are still waiting for something back from direct track to get it worked out. Mean while, it’s still full price and NO direct track support…


  8. Corey – I didn’t realize DT was still having issues! I used it with a while back and it seemed to work, maybe I got lucky?? Also it should be the $297 lifetime deal, at least that’s the offer I get when I go through my link… not sure what link you used that still had it at full price.

    Personally I have faith in the SJ guys, with how much time the founder has spent on the phone with me watching my screen while I show him exactly how things should work, I think they’ll get there better and faster than anyone else. Hope I’m not wrong!


  9. Hey Jon,
    Thanks for the heads up on this, I swear I almost deleted your email, thinking it had to do with Amish’s deal, which I’m pissed I can’t afford and I’m in San Diego! So I figured why bother reading those.

    I”m already on SpeedPPC and adding this tool, which I had always wanted to try, should be pretty cool, can’t wait to try it.

  10. Thanks for the heads up on this Jonathan, I looked at this a while back but the monthly fee turned me off.

    Now I dont have to worry about a monthly fee!!!


  11. Hi there,

    I am sorry to say but I bought it even reading so many bad review about it on net because you suggested but this is not really good software. It has problem with different time zone( no tracking for me today at all because of time zone) currency conversion is not there. direct track is not there. ( they are saying they will get it soon )

    its not worth at all for $79 a month for sure.

    I will check for some time and if things not fixed i will ask for refund. ( hope they refund)


  12. Robin – I hadn’t put any bonus together or anything but I’ve been thinking of holding a private webinar for those who buy through my link, as soon as SJ supports tracking of PPV, so I can show everyone exactly how I use it and how to get the most out of it. Obviously that’s still a future thing so I have no idea when I might do it, but if you bought through my link I’ll get in touch with you at some point and let you know about it.

    Charlie – Sorry you can’t make it to SD but I totally understand, Now that I’m committed to go and I’ve found out who all is going to be there, I’m getting more excited by the day. Sorry we’ll miss you! Oh and no Mac version so VM or Parallels is the way to go.

    Martin – Glad I could send the deal your way!

    Amit – Sorry to hear you’re having problems, have you talked to them about them? Funny you mention timezones, I was just talking to Billy yesterday about the issue of timezones, and he came up with a very clever solution to tthe problem I’ve run into (where “yesterday” is off by X number of hours between my cost & revenue networks). I don’t know if that’s the problem you’ve been having or not. Currency conversion also I’ve never had a problem with because I only promote offers in dollars. But I’m sure they’ll address it if it’s brough tto their attention. The Direct Track issue isn’t an SJ issue at all, DT has forbidden SJ from supporting them because SJ is an automated tool and DT doesn’t want any automated tools pulling down data. It’s absurd and SJ are working with DT to get them to remove this ban, but until then… SJ is being prevented from accessing DT networks by DT themselves. It’s not an SJ problem. I’m sure if it’s not working out for you, you can get a refund. If you have any problems with that just let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help!


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