Do you do any paid Facebook advertising?

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot more about FB ads and how people are using them – even affiliates.

This is particularly intriguing to me because a while back, FB essentially banned all CPA advertising, by disallowing any landing page that requested “personally identifiable information”, including email addresses.

So basically all email submits, or even zip submits, short forms, etc. were completely out as far as advertising on FB is concerned.

But it seems like perhaps that’s not quite the case any longer.  In addition to knowing affiliates who are running ads on Facebook, I’ve been hearing about more and more monetization methods, all of which benefit tremendously from the outrageous accuracy of targeting that FB makes possible.

Now I don’t consider myself an expert in FB advertising at the moment, but someone I trust just sent me a link to an upcoming webinar on the subject.  Undoubtedly they have a course to sell but I’m counting on there also being a lot of usable content shared on the free webinar.

If you’re at all interested in advertising on Facebook, or you already do any paid advertising and want to add FB to your arsenal, then check out this free 1 hour webinar tomorrow, Tuesday September 10th at 7PM Eastern Time.

Here is what they promise that you will learn:

  • How to start with a tiny budget and get leads in the next few hours…

  • How to Produce 10 Leads (or more!) in the Next 6 Hours by Pushing Just a Few Buttons

  • How to laser target – and find — people who are ALREADY INTERESTED in what you are selling

  • How to “push a few buttons” daily and produce a constant flow of leads for your products and services

  • How to quickly influence a small target audience and become a major “Market Influencer” …almost instantly

  • And much, much more!

If you do not have a blog or anything to sell, this webinar is NOT for you.

If you have ZERO marketing budget, this webinar is NOT for you.

This is for you if you are willing to spend at least 40 bucks on advertisement to generate traffic and leads.

And heck it’s free so, check it out.  Hope you enjoy it!


3 thoughts on “Do you do any paid Facebook advertising?

  1. Thanks JVC, as I have embarked on FB ads I am always keen to learn new stuff. I wonder if your “conversion” to Facebook ads will be as much of an evangelical trip, as your journey from html to WordPress. lol just teasing. Many thanks for your information, opinions and guidance over the years.

    • Hey David! Yeah I’m not *quite* sold on FB ads just yet, but I keep encountering people using them with great success more and more, so I can’t entirely ignore them. It’s tough though to set aside my personal distaste for FB and just about all social media, and see it as just another channel of advertising. But, that’s what it is after all so… would be foolish to turn my back on it completely! Especially when people I know and respect, are saying that it’s working for them.

      I do love their ability to target… that’s really the double-edged sword of social media. People are SO willing to give up every last detail about themselves to FB, which in turn gives us data we can leverage for targeting. Gotta love that even while people’s willingness to give up their personal info, is a little scary! LOL


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