Did you ever build Adsense sites?

So here’s a blast from the past… did anyone else build targeted adsense sites “back in the day” like say 2004 to 2010 (or any time really), and manage not to get your account(s) banned?  If you did and still have the account(s), I’ve got an intriguing possibility for you.  Leave me a comment and I’ll reply to you privately as I don’t want to discuss this publicly.  Thanks!

14 thoughts on “Did you ever build Adsense sites?

    • Are you still using it? If it’s just dormant now, email me and I can fill you in on a way to make it produce income for you again without any effort on your part. =)

      jonathan @ this domain name

    • Hey David! Feel free to email me as well and I can give you the scoop on how you may be able to breathe a bit more life into it. Has been working for me for months now… it’s no fortune but hey, it’s free (and risk-free) money and I always like that. =)

    • Hey Tom! Good to hear from ya! Shoot me an email if you’re interested in making it earn a bit for you, I’ll be happy to put the wheels in motion. =)


  1. Jonathan I have an adsense account from back then 2008ish when it paid well to do these ad-sites. Would like to get more information, if you don’t mind about the intriguing possibility.

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