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Mac Users Grab This While You Can…

Friday, June 15th, 2012

For all you Mac users out there, I just found this deal that is way WAY too good to pass up.  I already own Parallels Desktop but I can get this entire bundle just for the price it would be for me to upgrade alone.  And I already paid $99 just for ScreenFlow by itself years ago, and it’s SO superior to Camtasia I can’t even begin to tell you.

Grab this bundle, looks like it’s only good for 5 more days as of this post…



Who Still Makes “big Money” Affiliate Marketing Today?

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

EDIT:  AdBeat has a YouTube channel loaded with great information on how to make use of the platform.  Well worth watching!

UPDATE:  The webinar was really great, and there is a replay posted here.  The special offer Mike made available, and my bonus of 3 months’ Skype access to me, are only good until Midnight Pacific Time, Sunday June 10, 2012.  If the webinar resonates with you, jump on this deal straight away!  Email a copy of your order receipt to me at when you’re ready to collect your bonus!

A few years back it seemed we were constantly bombarded with examples of people earning 4 figures, 5 figures, even 6 figures per day as affiliates.

Of course when the dust settled, a lot of those examples turned out to have been doing highly unethical, even illegal things like flogs, fake celebrity endorsements, shady rebills, etc. Some affiliates even got sued for huge amounts of money and more recently the fallout has put some of the biggest CPA networks in the industry, out of business (including one that I did a good amount of business with at one time!)

So now that it’s 2012 and the FTC has made (and continues to make) its mark on the affiliate/performance marketing industries, is there anybody left who is actually making “big” money, without resorting to blatantly breaking the law?

And maybe more importantly – if they ARE out there, what makes them different? Why are they doing so well when most affiliates aren’t making squat?

It so happens that I know one guy who has, this year, still made huge amounts of money as an affiliate.

He’s made more in one day than most Americans earn in a year.

So is he a super genius?

A world-class mad computer scientist?

Does he know something that you don’t?

I can answer with certainty that last item and say without a doubt – YES HE DOES.

His name is Mike Colella, and you may have heard of his AdBeat service. It’s a competitive intelligence tool that, in the right hands, gives you an absolutely ridiculous unfair advantage.

I’ve known Mike since before AdBeat existed at all, and in fact some of our earliest conversations had to do with getting it created in the first place.

Now several years later, AdBeat has come a LONG way from what he had developed originally just for his own use (and boy did he USE IT!). Systems like AdBeat get better the longer they can collect data, and now that it’s been running a good long while it’s better than ever.

Mike is still using it himself and told me about some of his results from this year, and they absolutely blew my mind. He’s moved beyond basic PPC and into media buying (which you might have noticed is how ALL the “big money” players seem to earn their paychecks) and uses AdBeat to tell him exactly what to promote, how to promote it, and where to promote it.

It really does seem almost unfair but… it’s really just smart use of publicly available data. AdBeat collects the data 24/7, then shows it to you in a way that you can use to make money with your own campaigns.

I really want to hear more about what Mike’s doing, so I’ve set aside 2 hours on Thursday June 7th to let him talk, and for me (and you) to ask him questions.

This promises to be an amazing discussion, and I’m really psyched to get him to lay out exactly how he’s using AdBeat today to bring in 5-figure/day paychecks. Join us and bring your thinking cap so you can ask him all your questions, he’s promised to be available for Q&A after he gives a presentation.

Make sure you register, and I really hope you can make it! One thing to keep in mind – what Mike does with AdBeat is not for the faint of heart/wallet. To make $10,000 you can expect to spend between $5,000 and $8,000 and to do that every day, is not something a lot of people would be comfortable with (even if they had the capital to do it).

But everyone’s goals are different, so whether you want to be earning $300 per day, or $30,000 per day, you need to have better intelligence than your competition and that’s where Mike comes in.

I can’t wait!