Being An Affiliate is a Dead End.

Why the overly-dramatic title? Well quite frankly… because I believe it’s true. And here’s why…


I’m helping promote a new course on being an Amazon seller (not an affiliate).  I like it a lot and I think you might too.  If you buy it through this page you’ll get to choose from some pretty awesome bonuses.


When you’re an affiliate, you’re being paid for bringing leads and customers, to someone else’s business. That’s all fine & good when you’re being well paid for what you do. But the fact is – you carry all the risk, and receive only SOME of the reward.

If the product you’re promoting is discontinued, or they change their landing page, or the company disappears, or Google looks sideways at you, or any one of a myriad of other things happens – your income will go to zero overnight.  (believe me – I’ve experienced every single one of these things and more)

And what do you have to show for it other than a bit of short-term cash?

Unfortunately the answer is… not much! You didn’t build a list, you don’t have customers to sell other products to, and you’re out in the cold and starting over with some other product or service to promote.

Now please don’t misunderstand me – I’m a big big FAN of affiliate marketing, both as a product owner and as an affiliate! I believe strongly that being an affiliate is probably the absolute fastest way to learn a ton of valuable skills you will need, when trying to make your living online.

But I’ve said for quite some time to many of my customers, that they need to focus on not having to be an affiliate. I’m all for affiliate marketing being a part of your overall income strategy, but it absolutely shouldn’t be your only method! I strongly advise creating your own products or services, or otherwise figuring out how to *control* a product so that you can reap all of the rewards rather than just a portion.

Now that’s easy to say… but creating a product can be a LOT of work! Trust me on this one. 😉  That’s not the only option though, there are other approaches such as outsourcing, dropshipping, public domain material, JVs, and more. But even if you’re able to figure those parts out, what about getting an audience for your product? You’re back to the usual affiliate game of fighting over PPC, SEO, or other forms of traffic in a desperate attempt to get noticed and get sales.

Frankly… it’s not nearly as easy as it sounds at first! Still, I’ve seen some friends make a lot of money doing dropshipping and others make a ton of money by outsourcing basically every single aspect of their online business.

OK so where am I going with this? I just got done explaining why it was a bad idea to be an affiliate, so now I’m going to promote something as an affiliate. Isn’t that a contradiction?

No not at all… I said it’s a bad idea to be only an affiliate.  But the real long-term strength in affiliate marketing is in using it to augment your other business.  In fact there are even situations where you can get the best of both worlds – being an affiliate for your own product!

Possibly the largest single way to do that, is to understand selling on Amazon.  I’m not talking about being an affiliate for Amazon and collecting a tiny little commission.  I’m talking about being the product seller, and keeping as much as 85% of the revenue (or even more if you’re clever enough to be your own affiliate!  ;))

And that’s where the Amazon Money Machine enters the picture.  It’s a new course being launched today, that goes into outrageous detail about how exactly to source products (or get them created), get them placed into Amazon, promote them to the top of the listings on Amazon, and even get Amazon to handle all the fulfillment, customer service, financial transactions, refunds, chargebacks – the whole nine yards!

You don’t even need to have a website or do any paid advertising of your own because Amazon does it all for you.

You’ll probably be hearing about it from everyone and their brother today, but stay with me because I have something totally unique to offer you.

I found out about this product and the fact that it was launching totally by accident, but I liked their message so much that I asked to be invited as a JV.  I don’t promote a lot of launches (in fact almost none) but this resonated so well with me, I just had to check it out.

I was given access to the course a few hours ago and have been devouring it as fast as my mind can absorb it, in order to make sure it meets my personal standards for promoting.

And frankly – I think there’s some great stuff here.  To break it down, here are the things I like most about this course so far (not really in any specific order):

  1. It’s quite deep.  There is a HUGE number of videos that go into a lot of detail about exactly how to implement these strategies, and cover everything from how to sign up as a seller (not the same as being an affiliate), to how to get a Kindle book written for you, to how to source products for Amazon fulfillment, to private label & dropshipping, to strategies for completely dominating the Google rankings for high-value and high-dollar keywords, and a whole lot more.
  2. It’s well organized and presented.  The Author, Matt Clark, does a pretty good job of articulating everything.  He’s not a super-smooth trained presenter, but he’s easy to listen to and speaks clearly.  The videos are organized in fairly logical sections, and it’s easy to jump around to what interests you if you’re a non-linear thinker.
  3. The strategies are pretty wicked smart.  I’ve gotten some big ideas from what I’ve seen so far, and I’m not even 1/4 through the material yet.
  4. It will require real effort and work to reap the rewards.  At first glance this may seem strange – I like something because it’s going to take hard work??  But yes I do, because that’s a barrier to entry.  In my experience, most people aren’t willing to do the work required to succeed with something like this.  So the fact that this requires time and effort, is an advantage for those who will do what’s required.  Due to the nature of the whole process, you can’t even get paid anything for at least 60 days when you start – so this is not “overnight easy money” by any stretch.  But I do see it as sustainable long-term income fairly quickly.
  5. Matt is using these very techniques right now, today.  These are not worn-out techniques that he used last year and stopped working.  He shows some of his live Amazon accounts from as recently as 2 weeks ago.

Now all that being said, what don’t I like about it?

  1. Almost all the videos are in .ogg format.  No big deal except that Enounce MySpeed doesn’t seem to support that format, so I can’t play the videos at faster-than-normal speeds.  I’m having to download them completely first in order to do that (thank goodness I have a REALLY fast net connection).
  2. The Amazon Money Finder Software is an Adobe Air Application.  This is really a personal preference, but I just don’t care for Air apps.  I don’t like the way they look & feel, I don’t like the way they install… just not an Air fan.  Also the software isn’t available to me yet so I only got to watch the videos about it.  Drag.  =(  I just got access to the software but need to go through the videos still to learn how to make the most of it.
  3. There is no number 3.  (What can I say, there isn’t much to dislike!)

OK so, let me cut to the chase at last.  I’m an affiliate for AMM (duh) and so I’m going to offer a bonus for those who purchase through this page.  This is a fairly high-ticket product, and so I want to really earn my commission.  To that end…

If you purchase Amazon Money Machine through this web page and send me a copy of your purchase receipt, you’ll get to choose one of the following from me:

  • A full lifetime license to my WPGen and LPGen dynamic landing page generation systems ($399 value)
  • 2 months membership in my Skype personal coaching program (starting when you’re ready), so you can get my help with anything right when you need it ($398 value and not publicly available)
  • 1 hour private phone consultation at your convenience ($500 value)

Additionally, all buyers through this page will get a full license to my newest upcoming product, WP SneakyLinks ($??? value… just you wait & see ;))

And on that note, I want to share a few words of caution.  This is not a small course, nor is it something you’re going to devour and implement in a weekend.  There’s a lot of material to absorb and most of the techniques are probably pretty foreign, since they’re so different from what most of us have focused on for years.  Also as mentioned above, you’ll have a bare minimum of 60 days before you’ll see any income even if you started today.

This course is for people who want to be more than just an affiliate, and are going to truly dedicate themselves, their time, and their resources to implementing and executing an Amazon selling business.  If you’re going to buy this and then a month later have moved onto the next shiny object – please just plain don’t buy it in the first place.  I think there is tremendous potential in this (so much so that I’m going to ask my better half to check it out) but it’s going to require a serious commitment and total focus.  This has a very real potential to become an extremely lucrative, very hands-off business, but it won’t start out that way.

So for those who can heed the above and put in the time & effort, I look forward to sending you your bonuses!  Just please remember to send me your purchase receipt after you place your order.

EDIT: Helps to know where to reach me doesn’t it!? 🙂

And on that note, it’s past 2am for me so it’s time to begin winding down.

Make great things happen!!  🙂


10 thoughts on “Being An Affiliate is a Dead End.

    • What links are dead? They’re all working perfectly for me… what happens? Do you get an error message? Or end up at the wrong page? Or something else? Define “dead”…


  1. Yet another promotion, you use your mailing list as a cash cow trying to milk and suck every money out of it. I’m unsubscribing.

    • Wow. I do? You’ll have to tell me where all that cash has gone then. How many promotional emails have you gotten from me this month? Or hell this year? I haven’t promoted more than a dozen launches in my entire online career (since 2007 when I started building a mailing list), and even a dozen is being generous. I’m afraid you need to check your facts.

      Besides if I actually think something has value, I believe the majority of my list members would like to hear my take on it. Sounds like you’re in the minority, which is OK too.


  2. Dude, I had to sit through a 15 minute video to find out it has a 1k pricetag? no, thanks. Wish you would have mentioned the price and saved me the time.

    Why is this narrator talking about another guy and his course? Instead of this “actual” guy, Matt, doing the video. seems shady ma dude. Sorry.

    • Yeah not a bad point about the price. I did mention in my post that it was a high ticket course, but maybe you didn’t catch that. As for the person in the video, it’s quite common these days that someone who figures out a method & technique, but doesn’t have any name recognition, list, etc. teams up with someone else who has those things and can make the launch a big success. That’s what’s happened here… The two Jasons (Potash and Katzenback) have taken on the marketing/promotion side of things, and let Matt focus on delivering the product.

      So yeah, nothing shady about that in my opinion, but I can see your point. Oh and as for the length of the video, that’s a big reason why I love MySpeed so much (link is in the post)… it lets me watch these videos as fast as I want so I don’t have to sit through the whole thing at regular speed if I don’t want to. Super useful. 🙂


  3. Hey John I like your post, and its true that affiliate marketing (specially the one that you promote for others) somehow doesn’t reward you well for all your efforts. Have you considered perhaps teaching or maybe recommending a course about how to do partner up with co-reg networks and promote your own CPA offers so you don’t depend only on a email/zip submit $1.50 payout but instead you control the whole process (well almost)?

    I am not sure if the course you recommended a while ago (the one with Peter Nguyen – Advertiser360) teaches this, but if so the price is still very high and I am not sure he is still selling it anyway. Do you know of any other resource that teaches this?

    Thanks in advance for any advise 🙂


    • Hey Nick,

      I haven’t seen anything about partnering with a coreg network. Advertiser360 is the closest that I’m aware of and I think you’re right, it doesn’t appear to be available anymore. From what I heard, it has become the curriculum for an actual physical college course, so I’ve wondered if maybe that’s why they don’t sell it anymore – some kind of exclusivity agreement or something. But that’s just a guess on my part.

      I’ve never done my own CPA offer though I’ve been curious to. What makes me nervous is the huge amount of fraud I know goes on. Being that I’ve been on the affiliate side for so long, I’m well aware of all the tricks & tactics for spoofing referrers, double-submitting leads, slicing & dicing form submits, and all kinds of other dirty tricks. And I know how hard it can be for the advertiser to prove that’s what’s going on, so being the advertiser seems very high risk in that regard. But, I do have a few ideas on my list that would probably be a good fit for CPA, so maybe at some point I’ll venture down that road. Until then I don’t think I’d really be the right person to teach anything about doing it, but thanks for the suggestion!


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