Awesome Prepop results already for some!

I just got this testimonial… talk about taking action!

Hey Jonathan

I just had to write and say how blown away I am from your report.

I managed to find a string of email and zip submits which looked very promising for a niche I was researching, so I contacted my affiliate managers and managed to get some prepop links. I followed some of your steps in the report by rotating different landers that sent the user to some framed offers which I then had some additional prepopped offers pop up when the user tried to leave the page. The result has been a net profit of $300 a day consistently for a week now! I’m getting around 400-500 optins a day and this is spread over 3 offers. I’ve never been able to profit so quickly so to start getting $300 in almost a day of setting it up was great for me. I am going single optin and watching my spam complaint rate like a hawk, I’m totally new to email marketing but I believe that potentially for one of these offers there could be some repeat buyers so I’m now looking into list building more and more and ramping these campaigns up.

So thanks so much for putting this report together, its been a massive help, I not only learned a new tactic but also started to make some decent headway in this business.


Tom Page

And all this from a free report. Hot diggity!

Here’s another testimonial I got just a day after the report went live:


Your Pre-Pop report was a great read. It was short and to the point. I already had a chance to test out your methods and was able to grab almost 500 optins in just one day. And approx 30% of them completed the email submit CPA offer on my backend.

To break it down into dollars and cents for you, thats approx 150 conversions at a commission of $1.20 each, for a total gross revenue of $180.00. The traffic cost me just under $150 for a NET profit of $30 for the day. Annualized, this report just gave me almost $11K raise for the year.

I don’t know how many day jobs give out $11K annual raises so I’m very happy.

Now I just need find the time and creativity to scale up from here.

Thanks again for a fabulous report.

– Alex

I want more success stories, so share yours now!

Oh and if you don’t already have the report, grab it now… I’m thinking I should make it a paid product after this PPCFormula prelaunch is over with. πŸ™‚

Go get Prepop Power Profits now!

You only need to refer 2 people to Gauher’s prelaunch list to get the report, and if you can’t manage that… are you sure you want to be in the marketing business? πŸ˜‰


25 thoughts on “Awesome Prepop results already for some!

  1. Jonathan,

    Thanks for the idea, I think it is absolutely fantastic.

    One thing you didn’t go over, however, is where you are getting your traffic from?

    PPC? Banner? CPV?

    Where are you finding the best converting traffic, and what are some examples of ads you used to drive to the landing pages (if you can be so kind). πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Harry,

    I’ve been asked this a lot but I specifically don’t mention it in the report, so people don’t get hung up on traffic types and stay focused on the prepop concept.

    Personally, I do almost exclusively PPV traffic because I find it suits my style. It’s very analytical and less open to interpretation because I’m not dealing with PPC adcopy, split testing ads, etc. Just throw it at the offers and see what sticks.

    I’m about to kick off my first test of a new (new to me anyway) image ad network, and I seriously need to get more into bulk media buying as that’s where the REAL traffic is.

    Hope that helps!


  3. Jonathan,

    Makes sense.

    Do you strictly use Zango? Or have you found other CPV networks that work better? Frankly? I feel I’m going down the “Adbrite Path” I went down late last year where I spent a bunch of money and got little to no conversions (using image ads). I have yet to make even a single conversion at Zango. Please let me know your success there.

    Don’t make that same mistake, by the way, if you do test with AdBrite, I would only do it on a targeted placement basis. This way you’re controlling where your ads are seen.

  4. I actually have never used Zango… I couldn’t even get my first couple of test campaigns to go live with them, plus they start at a $20 CPM which is crazy to me for testing. I have used TrafficVance, Clicksor, Adonnetwork, and MediaTraffic at different times. They range from a $5CPM to $15CPM to start.

    Haven’t tried AdBrite but have meant to… I’ll keep your advice in mind, thanks for sharing!!


  5. Hey Jonathan,

    Is there somewhere inside AWeber that talks about what you need to do in order to pass variables? I’m a little stuck at the moment in trying to integrate AWeber.


  6. Some of these are pretty hard to sign up to. Tried with TrafficVance and they said they’re only accepting “direct” advertisers after I submitted my application. I’ll try again as a direct advertiser if I get rejected (I sell a proprietary fitness program).

    Which of the CPV networks above did you do the 60k+ optins in 6 weeks on?

    I have some experience with Media Buying, and can supply you with some good info. Let me know.

  7. I’d like to know what autoresponder you are all using. Aweber doesn’t allow you to pass the E-mail on to the offer page. The only way you can pass the email to the next page is by placing a specific javascript code on that page. I can’t put a code on an affiliate offer page.

    In the ebook it suggests to use Aweber but I found out it doesn’t work.

    Please inform us how you are gaining optins.

    Maybe Alex or Tom could help us out too.

  8. Steve – link cloaking, no I don’t bother. It’s easy to see through a cloak anyway if you really want to.

    Mikki – you can use Aweber just fine, I don’t know where you got the idea you needed some special javascript. Just turn on the feature that passes the user data to the thankyou page, and aweber will send the email address in a subid called “from”. I sent out an actual complete aweber page in my autoresponder to my prepop list. Aweber absolutely works for this, no problem at all.

    Harry – Yes, TrafficVance is very very tight now, they only want people who are committed to SPEND. For my tests I was using Adon, TrafficVance, Media Traffic, and Clicksor. The majority was on Adon & Trafficvance though.

    I’d love to hear anything you care to share about media buying… shoot me an email! πŸ˜‰


  9. Hi Nikki,

    The aweber form was something I put together after the report was released, so it should go out automatically I think 2 days after you opt in.

    Couple points:

    1) The javascript solution is *one* way of doing it I suppose, but you would only have to do that if you were incapable of using PHP. PHP is the far simpler and in my opinion superior solution.

    2) If you are capturing the emails in an autoresponder, technically the affiliate link is NOT your “thankyou” page. The page is actually one of your own that grabs the email address from aweber, and then appends it to your affiliate link (the whole em= business) and redirects the visitor to that final URL. From the user’s point of view, they opt in and then see the offer, but there is actually an in-between page that they don’t see.

    Let me know if it’s been more than say 3 days since you got the prepop report but you still haven’t received the aweber landing page code!



  10. Jonathan,

    I have been on the list for a quite some time and haven’t received the report…maybe two weeks on your list.


  11. I think this is great advice but I do not get how you can have 60,000+ people a day visit your page and on average are only paying .01 per person. In your example you payed $630. I have rarely ever gotten traffic from PPC or PPV at .01 and if I did it was a one of thing and not 60k of them a day. I would like to hear more about that as it would be easy to make just about any offer in the world work if traffic was .01

  12. Hi Chris,

    I don’t know what keywords you’ve been bidding on, but I rarely ever pay more than .01 except on extremely high performing, high competitive terms. Plus Adon starts at .005 so I get most of my traffic for that much. I have regularly gotten over 100k visitors per day between all my campaigns, and sometimes many times that.

    There is tons and tons of CHEAP targeted traffic available out there, but it requires meticulous testing and tracking so you don’t waste a ton of money on stuff that isn’t working.

    Whatever you do, don’t treat PPV like PPC. To do so is tantamount to suicide.


  13. hi,
    Jonathan,i asked aweber live support today ,they said they cant pass data email address to the thank you page unless you owned the thank you page and put javacript code into your thank you page .

    In your report,you do not provide the step by step method with aweber.

    i dont know how to set my aweber form.
    can u help me ?

  14. Hey Johnathan,

    I know little about places like TrafficVance, AdOn, etc…do you have any resources that explain or helped you learn about these traffic sources?


  15. Tangqing – Whoever you talked to at Aweber is absolutely positively wrong and has no idea what they are talking about. Aweber passes the email address to the thank you page in a subid called ‘from’. No Javascript of any kind is required to grab that, provided you are using PHP.

    Steve – Yes, I learned about PPV from Gauher’s PPVFormula course, which has been off the market for about a year or so. It will be available again soon though, and I’ll be letting everyone know how they can get it as soon as I know myself. πŸ˜‰


  16. Hey man, good stuff here. The only problem I am having is finding a network with prepop email submit offers. I have maybe found 3 or 4 and I have checked,,,,,, and cxdigital. Am I missing something? Can you recommend an affiliate network with a decent selection of prepop offers?


  17. Hey Dan, should definitely have some. Ask your rep about the codes… they’re a DirectTrack network so it should be no issue. Not sure about the others you listed, though again ClickBooth is also DT so should be no problem.

    I ran more with GetAds than anywhere else, but like I said any DT network can do it.

    Hope that helps!


  18. Hey Guys, has some offers. However I talked to two aff man and they did not seem that willing to share this info. One said the quality of leads suffers when this is done. So I would be careful about how you approach this with the networks.

    I actually got this to work. I am not a coder by any means so it was a struggle. I still don’t understand this when my submit form is outside the php code and in the html section

    It would have been easier and saved time if we had a full working website template of this.

    Thanks for the info Jonathan.


  19. ops looked like it stripped out my little bit of code.

    I was referring to line 13 when I said “I still don’t understand this when my submit form is outside the php code and in the html section”

  20. Hi Gauher,

    I was just looking at your video on “PrePop Power)
    – How can I get a copy of it?

    Regards – Tony

  21. Hi Tony, Gauher isn’t here as this is my blog. πŸ™‚

    The PPP report is available free by referring at least 2 people here:

    I’ve been thinking of making it available for a small fee for those who aren’t able to refer people to the other site… but I don’t have that set up yet.

    Hope that helps!


  22. Also try pay per view network . It’s just like trafficvance but brand new still in beta test mode. They let me do a lot of things that mediatraffic or trafficvance won’t allow. They also let you target casino and porn url’s. Perhaps because they are still new…

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