Are you doing T-shirt marketing?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave or under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the current phenomenon that is T-shirt marketing. Sites like Teespring and others are popping up all over the place.

Well, I’m not immune to the siren song of the shiny object any more than anyone else, and I finally caved in a few weeks ago and started to more seriously explore this world.

My conclusion?

There’s something here.

Now before I continue, let me say that I am not promoting a T-shirt marketing course or anything like that.  I just wanted to see who else was getting into this world as I am, and who’s doing well with it.

No doubt about it, there is an absolute ton of money being made here.  I’m not net profitable myself yet, as I’ve been learning Facebook Ads at the same time (I haven’t touched it since 2009 when it was an abysmal pile of crap) and have spent quite a bit in “education” on that platform.

But, I’m definitely on my way to profit and way beyond.

The possibilities of this are far bigger than I had imagined.  What I thought was just a passing fad that had run its course, is actually only just beginning.

One of the biggest challenges in this whole thing is creating designs.  Despite what you may think, it is absolutely not as easy as throwing any stupid text on a shirt and suddenly you’re making a pile of cash.

OK sure that happens once in a rare while, but then everyone else tries to copy it and they all lose their shirts (pun intended ;)) in the process.

I’ve come up with some methods & techniques that are working for me, and I’m thinking of documenting them and making sort of a mini course out of it.

My methods do NOT use Photoshop at all.  In fact, they can be done 100% with free tools that are mostly web based.

In fact the only paid tools or services I’m currently using to design my shirts, are a $20 amazing vector text manipulation program, and a $1/image stock image library subscription.

Oh well, and of course my computer and all its associated peripherals.  LOL

I’ve gotten pretty good at using all these tools and can go from idea to design often in minutes.

Would you like to see what I’m using and how?

I see a lot of focus on the marketing side of selling shirts, but so far I’ve seen absolutely no information being shared on the actual design process.

I’m NOT a designer btw, but I’ve figured out the cheap or free tools to use, that give me the capability to create a design of nearly any complexity without a lot of effort.

And definitely without investing in very expensive and complicated tools.

Anyway, if a course like this would be of interest and value, please let me know in the comments.  It will take some effort on my part to document my methods, but if there’s enough interest (meaning it would be financially worth the distraction), then I’m game.

For now, back to testing more shirts!  😉



What do you think is a fair price for a concise and easy-to-follow solid course on the tools and techniques to use to make solid shirt designs that will sell?

I’m in no way promising that this alone is all you need to make it rich selling shirts – the marketing side is a WHOLE other beast.  But this is an absolutely vital component that I don’t see being offered, and I think I can help.  Love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Are you doing T-shirt marketing?

  1. This sounds good so I am very interested yes please. No idea about the price though, this is a tough question imo.. maybe you want to keep it private and only sell it to use in your upcoming close fb group? 🙂 You know.. talk about the advantage of being a few steps ahead and all that stuff…

    • That’s a good idea, I was kinda thinking along those lines as well. I have a little gift for those who join the group already, that could be seen as a small piece of what I described in the blog post. You’ll see what I mean once you’re inside. 😉


  2. Go Jon, I’m in, cost would not be an issue (because I know your stuff) I’m sure there would be others interested in this as well (perhaps a post/survey at the WarriorForum ?)

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