Arbitrage Conspiracy – What’s the real story here?

UPDATE – The offer in the video about joining my team will no longer apply starting January 1. Β So if you intend to be a part of whatever it is we all do together, make sure you’ve purchased AC and contacted me about it PRIOR TO JANUARY 1. Β πŸ™‚

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43 thoughts on “Arbitrage Conspiracy – What’s the real story here?

  1. very interesting background story Jonathan. I’d love to join your team but it can’t be right now – I am focussing on launching my own product and I don’t have a spare $1700 either.

    You are dead right about team work though – I’m sure you’ll get a good set of people and as the saying goes, “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

    BTW I keep getting distracted with wondering what model headphones you are using…

    Do tell!



    PS I totally agree about 2009 – it’s going to be awesome!

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    It was great meeting you at PPC Classroom Live last weekend. I didn’t know about this launch so you definitely piqued my interest. Like I mentioned, me and my brother just got our hands on LpGen and are about to launch our first campaign with it. Keep up the great work and looking forward to your next update!

  3. LOL Alex. I get asked about my headphones fairly often, I don’t know the model number but they’re made by Plantronics and I like them a lot. Very good quality… I bought them at a local store I think they were like $80 or so.

    Reynaldo, good luck on your first LPGen campaign, I’m sure you will learn some valuable things from it that will lead to the next one being even better! Glad to have met you at PPCC and I wish you all the best!


    15 minutes before I start hitting refresh in my browser like crazy… πŸ˜‰

  4. Awesome Sebastian!

    I don’t exactly know yet, first step will be for us all to get our hands on the course. Then we need to see what they give us all instant access to, and what we have to wait for. That will have a lot to do with the overall timeframe.

    Beyond that… since I suspect we (and anyone else who chooses to join us) are not local to each other, we’ll probably meet up by phone or maybe skype if there aren’t too many people. Come to think of it I hadn’t really thought about the “what if 100 people join the team…” scenario. I think that would be a little TOO big, but I suppose I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it.

    Once the dust settles from the launch, we’ll all get in touch and figure out the next step! πŸ™‚


  5. Something is not quite right… the early bird period is now over and the page has never gone live. On the call they said it launches at noon EST (at least I’m pretty sure they said EST!) but the pages say noon PST.

    So either I heard it wrong last night, or they changed it.

    Guess I’ll be back in about 3 hours!


  6. Hi Bob, I’m talking about the sales page not the call. The call was held last night and I was on it live. But they said at that time that it was launching at noon EST but they have apparently changed it to noon PST so 3PM EST. Early-birds get it 15 minutes earlier.


  7. Hi Jonathan,

    I would love to join YOUR team. But I think I will not be qualify, since I am a newbie and just starting out PPC marketing. I love YOUR VIDEO blog and bought AdTextGeneration through YOUR link. Jonathan wondering since I saw YOUR first VIDEO about PPV. What is it and how it does work !!! I can tell YOU one thing may not today ( for lack of my quality) but I will be partner with YOU soon. All the best.


  8. Hi Tora, and welcome to the blog! Glad you’re finding value in what I’m doing. πŸ™‚

    Everyone has to start somewhere so there is certainly no shame in that… study and apply what you study immediately and be willing to “fall down” a few times as you move from crawling, to waking, to running… and I’m sure in no time we’ll be working together.

    As for PPV, I can’t really say a whole lot about it as I swore to keep the specifics quiet when I bought the course that taught me about it, however I have heard that it may be coming out again in the near future. You can be assured that if it does, I will definitely keep you posted about it!

    Take care,


  9. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for YOUR prompt reply and encourage. I believe so we will partner in no time. Right now I am a VIP member of PPCClassroom and learning slowly PPC marketing. I do not want to be rash with PPC thing because I understand one thing it’s a process and I have to be master of every single process. Sure I will be waiting to know about the PPV course. All the best .


  10. Jon,

    There is a call going on now, they might go live within an hour or so. Just in case you missed it.

    Audio Dial-In Numbers: 218-486-1404 OR 712-338-8000
    Private Access Code: 58443 #

  11. Bob, thanks for the heads up… I had no idea this call was even going on. I just came in and heard them say something about “everyone who was going to buy has probably already bought…” I assume they aren’t talking about this product? The sales page isn’t even live yet as far as I can see. Did they advertise this call? I got nothing about it… weird.

    Tora, keep at it and don’t let anything or anyone stop you! πŸ™‚


  12. Hey Jonathan the video cuts out on me around the 2.35 mark. Not sure what is wrong. Can you fix it or let me know what is mentioned in other peoples comments regarding the setting up of a team.

    Many Thanks


  13. Hey Jonathan,
    Count me in as a partner!
    I totally agree, as just myself there is only so time at the ready.
    If 3 or 5 or 6? of us get together it may be possible to share the work load and not have each of us perform the same tasks.
    What ever happens, good luck to all!

  14. Hey Happy, good to see you here! Would love to have you on the team for sure.

    Link is below the video, or here:

    Chazman, great to see you too! I totally agree, the times I’ve worked with a small group of people all together pushing the same project forward but working on their individual components, things have moved a million times faster.

    Now if they can just get the sales page live!


  15. Just posted…

    Hi Everybody,

    It’s Aymen here.

    My entire team and I are very sorry to have made everyone wait so long for the page to go live.

    There were technical issues far beyond our control, and for that I sincerely apologize.

    In the spirit of fairness for the fast mover bonuses (and to stop you from having to return and refresh the page all day…)

    We have decided to delay going live until tomorrow at 12:00pm PST or 3:00pm EST.

    For the inconvenience we are going to have an extra surprise bonus for everyone.

    See you back here tomorrow!

    To Your Success,

  16. Hi Everybody,

    It’s Aymen here.

    My entire team and I are very sorry to have made everyone wait so long for the page to go live.

    There were technical issues far beyond our control, and for that I sincerely apologize.

    In the spirit of fairness for the fast mover bonuses (and to stop you from having to return and refresh the page all day…)

    We have decided to delay going live until tomorrow Dec 11th at 12:00pm PST or 3:00pm EST.

    For the inconvenience we are going to have an extra surprise bonus for everyone.

    So I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

    Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

    To Your Success,

    Funny, I guess the worms got away…

  17. Definitely not how you want to start off something like this.

    I know that things can go wrong, servers crash, shit happens. But that’s why you update people immediately when it does. It was like 2 hours past the launch time before they made the page say anything other than “come back at 12:00PM PST”. There’s really no excuse other than rank inexperience for that.

    But I thought the launch was all being handled by Brad and his people. Hard to imagine that they didn’t know the importance of communicating with your (potential) customers.

    I dunno…


  18. Jonathan,

    Saw your video on the arbitrageconspiracy last night. Was thinking about getting it & you sealed the deal. I believe you’re in Santa Clara or there abouts. My office is on the penninsula in Redwood City.

    Would like to talk to you about the team thing

    Royce Stewart

  19. Hi Royce! Yep I’m right on the Santa Clara/Sunnyvale border. There’s apparently quite a “heavy hitting” PPC Meetup group in San Francisco, though I haven’t been to it yet. I hear it’s a seriously accomplished bunch.

    I actually missed the entire launch as I had some unexpected huge successes today with my own CPA campaigns, and have been watching them like a hawk all day in order to maximize them as much as I can. Sounds like there won’t be much to see until next week so I guess we have to reserve final judgment a while longer!


  20. Jonathan… Alrigth!!! I am on board!!! Check your stats you have a new sale!!

    looking forward to working with you and our master mind group.

    Sebastian S.
    skype: monstersupport

  21. Hi Andy & Sebastian! So far I see 6 people are on board… I’m going to have to get in touch with Aymen’s team in order to see exactly who they are, but once the dust settles from the launch then I’ll figure out the best way for us all to get in touch and decide what to work on.

    I’m leaning towards this really starting in January, both because that way everyone has some time to begin absorbing whatever material is in the course, and because the holidays are here, people are traveling, family is visiting, etc.

    Good? πŸ™‚


  22. Jonathan,

    Yestuday was pretty much my first time at your site and I have to say I was pretty pleased by your videos and your followers. Which is what propmt me to consider to part of your group.

    If you could I would like to ask what you would expect from you teammates. But more so if we can connect and just get a better feel for one or anothers expectation.

    Please if you have a moment call me at 917-749-8182. Leave a messge/ext on my cell.

    Andy C

  23. Hey Andy, thanks for the feedback!

    Truthfully though, I can’t really spare the time for a phone call… the problem is, I like to talk. Short phone calls for me are a bit of a miracle… πŸ™‚ I have the same problem with chat which is why I also have all but banned myself from IM clients!

    I welcome email from you though and will respond. I’ve gotten a flood recently with people wanting to talk about CPA and the Arbitrage Conspiracy so I’m a little behind, but I eventually get back to everyone who writes. You can get me at jonathan@ this domain.

    I’m not entirely sure what I expect from the “team” as it’s still forming. It will depend a fair amount I imagine on the skills everyone brings to the table, and on everyone being able to agree to work together towards a singular goal. I expect the whole thing to have its share of challenges, but hopefully we can prove ourselves to be greater than the sum of our individual personalties! πŸ˜‰

    Incidentally I welcome suggestions on group collaboration/workflow solutions, since we will all undoubtedly be scattered around the world, we’re going to be doing a lot of “meeting” and communication online I’m sure!


  24. Hey Jonathan,

    I just signed up for AC. Not sure what to expect at this point. Im definitely on the more experienced side. I have run some extremely successful campaigns in the past.

    As you know the biggest limitation in the business is time. I often think how great it would be to share the workload with others. If the workload can be spread out the return for everyone could be huge.


  25. Very much agreed Mike, and welcome aboard. I think we’re going to have quite a group here, though I’m sure there will be logistical challenges. I’m willing to tackle them if everyone else is! πŸ™‚


  26. Hi Jonathan

    I bought it. Let’s see what’s is it about.

    Let me share a point of view that it seems that everybody’s missing. When I heard “CPA arbitrage” what comes to my mind is to create a CPA offer myself like a zip or email submit (and publish it in different CPA affiliate networks) to promote ANOTHER CPA offer/s for a higher price.
    Buy low and sell high with OPM.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I think this is the whole idea behind the Arbitrage Conspiracy. They’ll be recruiting affiliates to promote their offers, earning them money without risk or work on their side.

    A site you may want to look at is

    I’d like to hear your thoughts.


  27. That’s certainly a possibility Lisandro, and that’s essentially the model of any network. Especially those using Direct Track, it’s so easy to just cross publish all the other offers on the DT platform, you don’t really have to do much of anything… just buy DT and you’re a network basically over night. If you can recruit affiliates to do all the work and take the majority of the up front risk, you’re set.

    That being said… there’s a lot of hidden risk in being a network – like making sure your publishers actually pay you, so that you can pay your affiliates. But where there’s risk, there’s reward. πŸ™‚

    January is around the corner, guess we’ll all find out a lot more then. I think I’m going to have to decide on a cut off point for me “team” too, so let’s call it January first. I’ll amend my post to include that as well…


  28. Hi Royce,

    I really wasn’t planning on it… but so many people have been asking me if I am. I don’t know… I really don’t like Vegas much, and don’t much care for travel in general either. Plus, maybe I’m cheap, but $350 just for an exhibits pass seems NUTS to me. I’ve been to a huge number of tradeshows in my life (I used to work at them every year) and they were usually like $50 or so for exhibits only. It’s still not really that much money, but it just bugs me for some reason. LOL

    So anyway… I’m looking at options now. I’m still not PLANNING to go, but plans have been known to change… if I do somehow end up going, I’ll be sure to let people know so we can connect.


  29. Hey Jonathan, I purchase The conspiracy using your link. When are we going to meet?

    BEst wishes for 2009!


  30. Hi Sebastian!

    I’ve written to the AC folks and asked for a list of the people who bought through my link. From what I can see, there were 8 of you… so as soon as I have confirmation who you all are, I’ll set up a private place for us to write (probably a private forum on and figure out the next step. Maybe we’ll use gotowebinar to meet & talk, I’m not sure yet. But I look forward to figuring it all out with you!


  31. My understanding is that yes there will be. I’m giving the AC guys the deepest discount I possibly can, and leaving it up to them to pass on whatever they deem appropriate. I don’t yet know what that will be… but I bet we find out soon!


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