Arbitrage Conspiracy followup – not what we think?

So I have it on good authority that this isn’t really a “PPC to CPA” course at all, though it does contain information on driving PPC traffic to CPA offers.

Apparently it has a very big social media component – specifically about creating/leveraging Facebook applications.

I don’t know more than that but I am VERY curious to see now, as I’m not aware of any course having come out about monetizing facebook apps.

42 minutes to go…


6 thoughts on “Arbitrage Conspiracy followup – not what we think?

  1. It’s almost 4.30pm and their site says:

    Hi Everyone, Thank You For Your Patience.

    We are experiencing technical difficulties, but we expect to have it fixed shortly.

    Please keep refreshing this page because we will be live soon.

    Thank you once again for your patience and understanding.
    For more info see our blog at:

    That’s not a good start. It may be a good product at the end, but it’s coming out with way too much hype around it. I’d be cautious.

  2. You’d think with a $2,000 price tag, they would have run a few tests first? I don’t know, that’s just me. At least nobody got killed or maimed, that’s something. Too much hype, proceed with caution…

  3. Hey Jon, met you briefly at the CPAEmpire conference over the summer – didn’t realize what a big shot you were at the time 🙂

    Just ordered Ad Text Generator through your link, hope your holidays went well.

  4. Well so far no info about Facebook applications in the preview of the course. Do you think this still holds true? I know they have not given all the details so lots more will unfold once the course starts.


  5. Hey Mike,

    I honestly don’t know any more than anyone else. I *heard* there is a heavy facebook focus, but it was second hand so it could be anybody’s guess. I wouldn’t be surprised though if they start with PPC -> CPA as a way to bring all the new people up to speed on traffic brokering in general. Guess we’ll all just find out in time!


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