Anyone need some extra workers?

Just throwing this out in case it’ll help someone else. A friend of mine has am awesome team of 6 working on his internet marketing business, but he’s got some down time between projects and is looking to keep them busy.

I took him up on the offer and kept one person busy for a few days, but that was about all I really had in terms of overflow work. So to help them out, I’m putting the offer out there to you as well.

If you’ve got any sort of online work that needs doing, but especially higher-end technical stuff like custom WordPress plugin development, or troubleshooting & fixing PHP on your sit(s), or solving server issues, etc… drop me a comment below with a way to reach you and I’ll put my friend in touch with you directly.

His team are all between $10 and $15/hour and in my opinion, are extremely high quality workers. I’ve been amazed at how fast they’ve completed pretty complex tasks that I expected to take many times longer than they did. If you’ve got the work for them in the next 2 weeks or so, I strongly suggest you grab them while you can.

The team is based in Pakistan and communicates via Skype during their working hours (approximately 11pm to 7am Eastern). Their written English is quite good and I’ve had no communication problems at all, even when sending them Jing videos to explain what I need.

Again, leave a comment below if this would be useful to you and I’ll put you in touch directly.


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