And uh… it’s over!

Holy cow… I didn’t manage even a SINGLE blog post the entire duration of the show!!

I had all these grand visions of documenting everything as it happened, but the reality quickly became apparent that it was going to take nearly ’round-the-clock work, to pull off the numbers I wanted to hit.  And sure enough, that’s what I and my team members ended up doing.  Working from 8am until about 2am with barely any stops, just about every day.  It was crazy!!  But then again, so were our numbers.

I’ll have a lot more to say in the near future as I get settled back at home again and get back into the normal life groove… so stay tuned.  Thanks to everyone for all the support and congratulatory thoughts, they are much appreciated!

Talk to you all later,


6 thoughts on “And uh… it’s over!

  1. Hey Jonathan –

    Great to see that you made it home safe and sound!

    I look forward to seeing tips and tricks from time to time.

    Keep in touch my friend!


  2. Awesome job on TAC! Thanks for sharing info with all of us about how you make $$ online – even with all of the editing I did manage to learn some new stuff 🙂


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