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You may have started hearing about the Aggressive Affiliates affiliate marketing training program (  Well as it happens, I have a little inside knowledge about this product so I’m going to share what I can with you now and do a really quick aggressive affiliates review.

This is going to be a quick post however because I have to be on a plane tomorrow morning to head to San Diego for the Magic Bullet seminar event (which I am SUPER excited about!!) but I wanted to get something out real quick since you’ll probably get bombarded with emails about this very soon.

So here’s the deal… I don’t actually know the names of either of the two guys (Eric and Peter) that are behind this product.  I’m just that out of touch with the Internet Marketing “guru” world.  In fact it wasn’t either of them who even alerted me to this… it was a very good (and EXTREMELY trusted) friend of mine, whom I believe would prefer to remain anonymous (Hi Mr. Sniper! 🙂 ) at this time because he’s largely responsible for the content of the course but he prefers to stay underground & behind the scenes, doing his thing and quietly making his living as an affiliate.  This is someone that in many ways I actually feel that I owe my entire current business to, so I take him seriously and trust him implicitly when he says this is a great product.

Still, I wanted to see it for myself… so I convinced him to give up some of the course material so I could really check it out first hand.  I’m only a little ways into it but I have to say thus far – KUDOS on a job well done!

I don’t really know what market they’re intending this for (newbie, intermediate, advanced, etc.) but my initial opinion is that it’s not quite for newbies.  You should probably have a basic familiarity with things like using keyword research tools, and obviously with concepts like “what is affiliate marketing” should be old hat to you.

The content is actually quite excellent (nice job on your first camtasia videos my friend!) and covers some really good, very nitty-gritty specifics on things like keyword research, buying traffic, market research, competition evaluation, video marketing, and much more.  I’d wager that probably even someone who is an existing “super affiliate” (whatever the heck that actually means…) would pick up a few useful tricks.

He actually talks about something I’ve meant to test for well over a year now and of course am kicking myself for not doing it sooner now (hint:  Animoto!)  His explanations are easy to follow, he speech is clear and not too fast.  Still if you’re a total newbie who hasn’t made their first buck online yet, I think you’ll be a bit lost and will have some ground you need to cover first in order to be ready for this course.

OK that’s it for now for my review of aggressive affiliates (once again if you’re interested) as I’ve gotta finish packing for tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Aggressive Affiliates Review

  1. Hey Taylor, yeah I know what you mean. I probably should’ve gone on record as saying that my friend (Mr. Sniper) had absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with the launch, sales copy, or anything else except the actual course content. And since I don’t personally know the guys behind the rest of the product, I can’t really speak with any authority about their approach. I’ve noticed a surprisingly “casual” tone in their prelaunch email sequences too… I guess it’s a style. But it certainly is going to alienate at least some people.

    Then again there’s a school of thought that says if you aren’t pissing at least some people off some of the time, you just aren’t pushing your envelope hard enough.

    I can see validity in that but still I tend to err on the side of including everyone as much as I can. 🙂


  2. Taylor, I also find it offensive, but I know Peter Parks personally and the teaching stuff he puts together is solid, meaty stuff with no fluff at all.

    I spent the past two months being mentored by Peter and let me tell you.. it was an incredible 2 months.

    If you can, try to overlook the obnoxious headline and get all the good stuff you can from it 🙂

  3. The landing page has been changed to something that’s effective but not offensive. I spoke with Peter yesterday and he verified that he wasn’t responsible for the headline and he was working to get it toned down.

  4. Wow, didn’t expect them to change it, I know it’s just marketing and you want to shock, but mixing up weird metaphors was just strange… (I thought signing up as “Ms. Affiliate” might help :-))

    I got over it, and have been watching all their stuff.

    Thanks Jonathan, and all.

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