Affiliate Market & Offer Selection

I recently did a couple of webinars with my friend & fellow full time online marketer Phoenix Morgan, and they were very well received.  So well in fact that I was contacted by some people who didn’t sign up for them at all for various reasons that really wanted to see the recordings of them.

So, we decided to make them available as a package for a modest price, since the two really go hand in hand to give a complete picture of how and why to choose both an overall market, and specific offer to promote as an affiliate.

No fluff, no hype, just the real techniques and tactics that we use in our businesses.

Phoenix and I have very different approaches but they turn out to be extremely complementary, and putting them together forms a really good final result.

Check out the sales page (such as it is… I had fun with it, make sure you read it all 😉 ) and if you think it’s for you, enjoy!


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