Advertiser 360 Webinar Replay

Check it out, in this replay we discuss being an advertiser rather than an affiliate, and I give you the password to access the preview video of my new CPA marketing software
(If you tried to view previously and it ended after 6 minutes, clear your browser cache and refresh the page)

Also, here’s how my bonuses will work.

First I’ll confirm that I was credited for your purchase through my link (you never know, sometimes cookies crumble). Assuming all is well in that department:

1) My implementing Prepop for you will be when you’ve got a product ready to go live. When you’re about there, drop me a line and we’ll get in touch so I can look over everything and tell you what I need in order to put prepop in place on your product.

2) My new secret software is being finished now and tested thoroughly by me. I don’t believe in releasing anything if I know it’s not ready, so it’s still at least a few days away. I’m hoping to put the 1.0 stamp on it next week.

3) My Skype consulting is there for you for 30 days, starting when you’re ready. So, no pressure to jump in immediately, I want you to get the most out of it so let me know when you’re ready and I’ll add you to my contacts. For your own reference of what exactly I offer via skype, have a look at this video.

Of course you don’t have to pay for your first month and if you decide you want to continue after, you’ll be accepted straight away. And if you got all you need, that’s great too!



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