Ad Text Generator Review

What is it about July???  Maybe it’s a summer thing, I don’t know… but I did my first video about a product in July of 2007 (SpeedPPC & Affiliate Radar) and it seems like every July now, there’s a massive flurry of awesome products coming out for online marketers, especially those who use PPC.

So I just got wind of some specifics about the upcoming AdTextGenerator 2, and it sounds MIGHTY sweet.  Here’s the highlights:

No longer is it primarily an AdWords ad generation tool.
But, it’s now a complete pay-per-click secret weapon
to dominate Yahoo and MSN as well.

New features include:

* A redesigned campaign creation process to
give you more freedom and better results from
your campaigns.

* Built-in “Keyword Mixing” tool that automatically
adds hundreds of targeted keywords to your campaigns.

* Swipes ads from Yahoo and MSN and not just Google.

* Pulls up to 50 ads per keywords (increase from 8).

* Built-in filtering tool weeds-out untargeted ads.
This makes uncovering targeted killer ads to swipe
much quicker and easier.

* Gives more freedom in how your campaign is structured.
With a few clicks you can generate one big ad group for
your ads, a group for each keyword (recommended), or a
group for each group of ads.

* Generates ads that DON’T have high-click-thru-rates
for more options and a full picture of all of the
competing ads for each keyword.

* Uncovers and swipes local ads only (regional campaigns
are becoming MUCH more popular).

* Assigns the same ad to multiple keywords for lightning
fast editing (optional).

* Plus, a more advanced interface to make creating your
campaigns just the way you want it a breeze.

So the launch is apparently coming up quite soon, and as soon as I get my hands on v2 you can bet I’ll put up a quick video showing some of the new stuff.  This sounds like a huge evolution beyond version 1, which I also liked quite a bit.

Full review to come undoubtedly!


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