A Maddening iPad bug…

In case anyone reading my blog has run into this, I thought I should share the only “solution” (workaround) I found.

On the iPad, using the iPod app (how confusing is that anyway??), you may notice that the silly little album artwork thumbnail, actually COVERS UP some of your playlists if you have more than a few, and you can’t scroll down to get to them no matter what you do.

Essentially, you LOSE 4 or 5 playlists forever!

Turns out, if you tap in the search field to bring up the keyboard, then close the keyboard, it will allow you to scroll to the bottom of your playlists.

Took me a while but I finally found the solution on the Apple support forums.

Hope this removes some frustration for someone else as well!



I went to an event this weekend and didn’t pull my laptop out even ONCE!  The iPad was able to do absolutely everything I could have needed to do on the laptop, and then some.  FaceTime is AWESOME!

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