1ShoppingCart adds email scheduling!!!!!!!!


About freaking time… I’m so happy to see this I just had to blog about it.

You can FINALLY set a specific date/time for emails to go out.  This is especially huge for anyone who plans to implement “The Machine” as described by Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher at their Traffic & Conversion Summit event in Austin recently.

There’s also nice looking email templates finally – ala Aweber… including custom templates so you can make your own and save them for later use!

1ShoppingCart is finally starting to really grow up… I’m extremely happy to see this progress.  They’re gonna rival InfusionSoft soon (at least they will if I have anything to say about it!  LOL)


3 thoughts on “1ShoppingCart adds email scheduling!!!!!!!!

  1. CRAP!!! I stand somewhat corrected. They’ve added scheduling for broadcasts – which is great but there is NO scheduling for autoresponder sequences! Aweber has this (at least on a daily level which would be all I need) but 1SC still doesn’t.

    Major drag… oh well, a step in the right direction at least.


  2. Jonathan, it was great to see your blog post, glad to hear you like the changes to 1SC.

    I just wanted to mention that this was a huge upgrade from a technology POV, and the fact that we implemented these new features on the broadcasting side of things is just the first step.

    Watch for more great things to come!

    Michael Valiant
    Product Management, 1ShoppingCart

  3. Hi Michael, great to see you post a comment!

    I’m greatly encouraged by the development I’ve seen happening recently with 1SC… there’s plenty of room to go, but it’s on the right track.

    I’d like to suggest some major work on the affiliate program area. I’m about to do a major product launch and am deciding if I can sacrifice having my affiliate program data within my overall shopping cart or not. Other systems are so much more robust on the affiliate end of things, but I specifically want to avoid having data in multiple places and then trying to integrate. Much rather keep it all in 1SC but that means considerably less flexibility for myself and my affiliates in many areas (subid tracking, for example…)

    Thanks again for stopping by!


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