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Do You Do Any Paid Facebook Advertising?

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot more about FB ads and how people are using them – even affiliates.

This is particularly intriguing to me because a while back, FB essentially banned all CPA advertising, by disallowing any landing page that requested “personally identifiable information”, including email addresses.

So basically all email submits, or even zip submits, short forms, etc. were completely out as far as advertising on FB is concerned.

But it seems like perhaps that’s not quite the case any longer.  In addition to knowing affiliates who are running ads on Facebook, I’ve been hearing about more and more monetization methods, all of which benefit tremendously from the outrageous accuracy of targeting that FB makes possible.

Now I don’t consider myself an expert in FB advertising at the moment, but someone I trust just sent me a link to an upcoming webinar on the subject.  Undoubtedly they have a course to sell but I’m counting on there also being a lot of usable content shared on the free webinar.

If you’re at all interested in advertising on Facebook, or you already do any paid advertising and want to add FB to your arsenal, then check out this free 1 hour webinar tomorrow, Tuesday September 10th at 7PM Eastern Time.

Here is what they promise that you will learn:

  • How to start with a tiny budget and get leads in the next few hours…

  • How to Produce 10 Leads (or more!) in the Next 6 Hours by Pushing Just a Few Buttons

  • How to laser target – and find — people who are ALREADY INTERESTED in what you are selling

  • How to “push a few buttons” daily and produce a constant flow of leads for your products and services

  • How to quickly influence a small target audience and become a major “Market Influencer” …almost instantly

  • And much, much more!

If you do not have a blog or anything to sell, this webinar is NOT for you.

If you have ZERO marketing budget, this webinar is NOT for you.

This is for you if you are willing to spend at least 40 bucks on advertisement to generate traffic and leads.

And heck it’s free so, check it out.  Hope you enjoy it!


The Keyword Backdoor Method

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

If you’ve been reading my last few posts, you already know that I’m endorsing Gauher Chaudhry’s Media Buying Sumo course.  You may also have caught that his recent 3 hour awesome content webinar, inspired me to add an additional case study video to the bonuses.  Well I’ve been working on it for days now and it’s coming along nicely, so i thought I’d post a little teaser of it so you’ll know what’s coming for everyone who buys through my link!

There is obviously more to come, as I’m doing this video live and for real.  I hope it helps trigger some creative ideas and gets you thinking beyond just simply running banner ads.

Oh also, Gauher has announced that he’s almost at capacity for his launch so if you’re considering getting into Media Buying, I suggest you take a look at his free PDF and watch the webinar, and make your decision soon!



How To Get My My Media Buying Bonuses…

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Happy Wednesday to you! Today is the day Gauher’s Media Buying Sumo course opens up (5 minutes from right now in fact!), but some folks already managed to buy it on the webinar the other night, and a few have asked how to get my bonuses.

I’m still in the process of the finishing touches, including a whole new additional bonus that I was inspired to create on the webinar. That one is a live case study so will take a little time to complete, but I plan to start delivering the bonuses by the end of this week. So make sure once you’ve bought, that you email me your name and email address so that I can send you all the details you need.

And once again, if you haven’t already watched it… make sure you check out the webinar from the other night. Regardless of whether you feel the course is right for you or not, it was a great webinar with some very eye-opening information that could be very useful to anyone interested in online advertising at all.

Once more for all those who have bought (or are about to) – welcome aboard the train! ;)